The Only Breaking Bad One-Liners You'll Ever Need

It’s pretty safe to say that Breaking Bad is one of those iconic TV shows that we’ll keep watching (*ahem* Netflix-binging!) time and time over again. I don’t know about you, Collegiettes, but I’ve been missing Walter White and Jesse Pinkman for a solid year now. But even with that in mind, I haven’t been able to stop saying those amazing one-liners at the most inconvenient times (and to my friends’ annoyance)! Need some examples?

When I’m on a complete study-roll…

…And when someone tries to break it:

Being wicked fascinated by my STEM classes:

When the professor uses me as an example of what to do on a test/essay…

…Or on a Destiny’s Child kick. Either one.

Hanging out with friends at Late Night, only to realize I have a Moodle assignment due…

…and then totally crushing it like a BOSS:

Then getting a little too into being a boss:

Coming back to my dorm after a loooong day:

When my professor assigns way to much homework that it’s literally the stuff of nightmares:

When I go back home and see my neighbor:

(Okay, well maybe my neighbor’s name isn’t Carol, but you get it).

And of course, when I try to make dinner conversation:

(Definitely not a one-liner, but still!)

Use the one-liners to your heart’s content and without shame, Collegiettes!!