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Online Shopping: Your Guide to the Best Stores

I think we should all admit that the amount of time spent online shopping skyrockets once classes start. As a method of procrastination, it’s almost endless. Not to mention how suffocating Amherst can feel when the closest mall is about thirty minutes away. There is only so much Forever21 that one can handle.
Online shopping is perfect for finding unique clothing while sitting in your dorm room, apartment, or admittedly, class. While online retail stores like Urban Outfitters, J.Crew, and Nordstrom are great, they are also boring. No one likes walking into the bar and seeing another girl in the same dress as you. Here are some online options if you’re looking for unique clothing that you won’t find in your local mall!





Brandy Melville originated in Italy, where you can spot girls on nearly ever street wearing the brand. You would never suspect it’s Italian roots, as the clothing screams California. The items are beachy, comfortable, and edgy; ideal for an outdoor music festival. Most items come in “one size fits most” which makes it the perfect store to shop from online! Not to mention that the only store on the east coast is in New York City.


Penfield is an outerwear company that originated in Massachusetts. It sells exceptional quality jackets, vests, scarves, hats, bags, etc. pretty much anything you could possibly need to survive a New England winter. The style is a mixture of Barbour and Patagonia. Penfield provides a high quality, unique, and classy jacket that will certainly keep you warm and standing out on campus. I know I’m not the only one who is tired of seeing the same North Face jacket.



Mikkat Market is basically an online boutique, with every item selected and modeled by the creator, Katherine Kim. The clothes are unique, good quality, and surprisingly affordable. There are always new items, and you will not be disappointed by the selection.


Everlane is an extremely unique online boutique that focuses on high quality goods sold at cost. Because it is completely online, there are virtually no markups on the clothing. With this website, you can purchase high quality basics with the satisfaction of knowing that you’re paying what the item cost to make. While not the most exciting collection of clothing, nothing is over $100, and you can never have too many plain tees.


NastyGal might give off the most beautiful image in one’s mind, but this website is the mecca of eccentric and unique clothing. It started out as a girl selling her vintage finds on EBay, and has launched into an international online retail brand. The store sells a wide range of styles and looks, as well as statement shoes that you will not find anywhere else. This website is not for anyone trying to fit in, but the affordable clothing will tempt you to stand out.


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Emily Randall

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I'm a senior at UMass Amherst with a major in Marketing and minor in Art History. I hope to move to Rome after graduation to live the dream of drinking wine, eating carbs, and shopping for Italian fine leather.
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