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Networking for Introverts: Tips for Building Meaningful Connections for Your Future

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If you find the thought of networking daunting, this article is for you. I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be. You are powerful, and you can be confident even in situations that may make you feel uncomfortable. The value of networking is so profound. It is an amazing skill to have and one that everyone should continue to foster. You never know if what connections you make today will be the same ones to show you doors of opportunity in the future. Here I will give you some tips for building those connections that will hopefully give you the confidence to attend that next career fair, or workshop with ease. 

prep it

If you’re going into a networking event, it is really helpful if you prepare for it. This could be in the way of formulating some questions to get things going. These questions can be universal questions you can ask for each person you meet that day, something general like “Can you describe your career path?,” “What led you to where you are today?,” or other specific inquiries you’d be interested to know. It is helpful to have these on deck in your mind so if you get flustered in the moment you know you’re prepared to start a conversation with anyone and everyone! Additionally, practicing what is known as your “elevator pitch” can help you to feel more confident entering networking settings and thus emerge more successful at the end! 

be confident

Confidence is the KEY. Even if you don’t 100% feel confident, fake it till you make it — because you will make it! A tip to increase perceived confidence is to remind yourself that eye contact is important. Do your best to make meaningful eye contact when speaking to someone. Another important thing is to sit or stand up straight. Physical confidence will improve mental confidence. Similarly, dress to impress! Networking can happen in all sorts of settings, but if you are attending a networking event specifically, you want to dress semi-professional. There are amazing resources on campus that can help you with this if you think you don’t have what you need in your own closet. For example, the SBS Lending closet. Finally, to increase perceived confidence a great tip is to speak slowly. This is something I struggle with personally, but I remind myself, and am here to remind you, that you deserve to take up space and time! Don’t rush through what you’re saying. Take a deep breath through your stomach and take your time — what you’re saying is important. 


This may seem like strange advice, but it is important. This isn’t the time to sensor your successes. Be proud of the things you are proud about! Of course, be mindful about coming off as overconfident and arrogant, but don’t downplay what you have to offer. Networking is a constructive experience, not a transactional one, it is important to express what you bring to the table as well as learn and respect what a prospective employer has to offer. Be aware of the imposter syndrome, and don’t fall into it! 

take notes

Taking notes is something that really helps me when participating in networking events. This will help you remember unique things about who you are speaking to which can prove helpful in creating deep meaningful connections with them. Networking can be overwhelming, but these notes can help ground you once the interaction ends. 

follow up

And finally, ALWAYS remember to follow up with a thank you. This can be in the form of in-person taking the time to sincerely thank them, sending an email, call, or a card. This is a good time to put your notes to use, add in something specific that they said to show you really valued their time and expertise. This will create a better connection than if you simply gave a generalized thank you. This “thank you” is a good chance to get their contact information and send out yours. 

All in all, networking is something that is so important to building success for your future. Use this article as your guide to your next networking interaction, and take the tips with you as you move into and throughout your professional career, but also just your life in general! Making good connections with people is something you will never regret and something that should not be taken for granted. Don’t get in the way of yourself! Know that you have something unique to offer, just by being you!

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Olivia Martinez-Reynolds

U Mass Amherst '24

Olivia is a 3rd-year Legal Studies Student at UMass Amherst.