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My UMass Bucket List: 5 Things I Want to Do Before I Graduate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

As May approaches faster and faster by the day, I struggle with the fact that I’ll be graduating in just a few short months. Looking back on my time at UMass, I feel more than fulfilled, trust me. Between the long-lasting friendships I’ve found and all of the amazing opportunities and experiences I’ve had here, I will always cherish my years at UMass. But I also can’t help but feel devastated about my upcoming departure from Amherst for good.

In wanting to leave this town feeling accomplished and fulfilled, here are five things on my bucket list that I hope to do before I graduate!

Amherst farmers’ market

Almost every Saturday, my roommates and I drive down S. Pleasant Street through Amherst Center and notice the farmers’ market in the commons. Most of the time, we’re already on our way to run other errands or have other plans and don’t have time to stop. I’m hoping that once it gets warmer out, we’ll make time to visit the market on Saturdays! It seems like such a wholesome and fun way to spend time with friends, all while appreciating the local community and Amherst’s economy.


Going to the Eric Carle museum has been on my bucket list for so long since I’ve been at UMass. I’ve always wanted to bring my younger sister — who’s not really so young anymore. I think going to this museum would also be a really cool opportunity to connect with my younger self. Art museums were something that I used to appreciate and love when I was younger. I can’t wait until my sister visits me out in Amherst again soon so we can finally go!


In high school, I was a theater girl through and through! My high school did around 12-13 theatrical productions a year and I was always involved — either as an actor, director, writer, or in another supporting production role. Since college, I’ve tried to branch out and discover other interests that were different from theater; while that new self-discovery journey has been exciting, I do miss it. I hope to find a performance or concert to attend at UMass before I graduate, not only to experience the magic of performance again but to really appreciate the wonderful facilities UMass has!

The drake

Although I have been around to a few of the bars in the Amherst area, I still haven’t been to The Drake. The main factor that turns me away from it is the cover fee that they charge. However, in the grand scheme of things, I can afford a small price to check off an item on the bucket list. I also would love to go because a lot of local bands play there! Why not support local artists and have a good time with friends all at the same time?

mount sugarloaf

I’ll be completely honest — I have not taken enough advantage of the beauty of Western Massachusetts since living out here for school. However, I’m making it my mission to at least get out on two or three hikes this semester, especially once spring is here! My roommate who studied domestically in Hawaii last semester is finally back in Amherst and is super eager to go on more hikes here. I can’t wait until we can both plan some free time to go to Mount Sugarloaf! I’ve heard and seen on social media that the views are amazing!

Of course, I have many more things on my bucket list before I graduate, but these five definitely take the cake. Graduating soon feels so bittersweet, but I am so thankful that I will (hopefully) have all of these amazing memories to look back on years later.

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Kiley Smyth

U Mass Amherst '23

Kiley is a Senior at UMass Amherst studying Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. She is also pursuing a certificate in Film Studies!