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My Top Shows I’ve Watched During Quarantine

Over quarantine, I’ll admit, I watched A LOT of TV shows and movies. Here are some of my favorite shows and where you can watch them too!​

'Euphoria', HBO Max

This show will leave you shocked, sad, and engaged with every single episode. In only 8 episodes, the characters and director show the impact of drugs and addiction while also portraying other struggles of teenagers. You won’t find editing like this anywhere else!

'Virgin River', Netflix

As a young female doctor, Mel takes a fresh start and travels to a small town in Northern California to work as a nurse-practitioner. There, she faces a stubborn head doctor and is determined to prove his assumptions about her wrong. It also incorporates romance and is perfect for a rainy day watch.


'All American', Netflix

I can't say enough about this show, all my friends know how much I love it! It also takes place in California and is based on the true story of Spencer Paysinger. We follow a high school football player, Spencer James, who moves to Beverly Hills and struggles with the realities of racism. This show examines a lot of social justice issues and how he copes with his two colliding worlds.

'The Act', Hulu

Joey King does an amazing job playing the role of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, which is also based on a true story. We see her character grow up while her mother diagnoses her with several illnesses that she doesn’t have. I’d classify this show as a thriller/drama because I was on the edge of my bed the entire time.

    'Tiger King', Netflix

    I’m sure you’ve heard of this one because it was all over social media in the beginning of the pandemic. I watched all of it in about two days and it left me in awe. It delves into the world of large cats and the line between entertainment and cruelty. It’ll definitely leave you questioning the potrayal of zoos and animal exhibits.

      'Never Have I Ever', Netflix

      Also, another one of my favorites! We follow around a high school girl, Devi, and her experiences as a young Indian American girl after losing her father. Although it sounds really sad, it's more of a comedy/drama with some super funny scenes. Seeing Devi try to defeat her 'enemy' in almost every class, debate, and exam, the show will definitely have you in a feel good mood when you're done watching it.

      'Dating Around', Netflix

      This is a reality show following one person each episode who goes on dates with several people. Each date starts at the same restaurant and you listen to how each conversation goes. Throughout the episode, the main character gets ‘rid’ of dates they don’t like, and the others progress to go to other places for the night, like a bar or park. The editing and filming is superb, and I found myself rooting for some people, while not so much for others. It’s a great show to watch with friends during a night in!

      'GLOW', Netflix

      I’m actually in the middle of watching this but I already love it. We follow aspiring actresses in California become ‘pro’ wrestlers during the 1980s. I end up laughing so hard at some parts because it’s such a unique plot for a show.

      'Jane the Virgin', Netflix

      I’m in the middle of this show too because my friends and I decided to watch a show over Netflix Party together during quarantine. This show is about a young girl, Jane, who ends up being pregnant, and yes, she is a virgin. It’s definitely a dramedy that will have you hooked for hours.

      'Dead to Me', Netflix

      This is one of my all time favorites! There’s only two seasons so far, but I felt extremely involved in the character's life from the beginning. It follows the life of a mother, Jen, who lost her husband in a car accident, and her experience going to a grief support group. There, she meets a quirky woman, Judy, who becomes her best friend. I’d classify this as a dark comedy because I was laughing so hard at parts, but the storyline is pretty serious.

      I hope you love these shows as much as I do!

      Elizabeth Mooney

      U Mass Amherst '22

      As a senior at UMass Amherst, Elizabeth Mooney is studying Community Education and Social Change and is so excited to be writing for HerCampus for her third year! She writes articles on lifestyle, relationships, and college life so check them out! Feel free to follow her Instagram: @lizmooney02
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