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My Top 5 Recent Favorite Songs and What Type Of Feelings They Give

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I love music and here are a couple of my current favorite songs and what feelings they give!

“Now you got me,” My speeding song

I recently went to an Inhaler concert and they were incredible. Their songs, primarily rock-indie, yet, all sound different from each other and are amazing. I had not heard about them until a few months ago on TikTok. I loved all the songs from their latest album; Cuts & Bruises, but the closing song; “Now You Got Me,” stuck out to me the most. Although the concert was really good, I was disappointed they chose not to sing this one. Starting out with the guitar, the beginning and the entire song has an energetic feeling. If I was in Fast & Furious and needed a speeding song, it would be this one.


Once again, I first heard about this song on TikTok. I had heard about Ethel Cain through comment sections, but never really looked into her. Then I heard this song. It’s beautiful and lively. When listening to this song I feel a little too powerful. It is more of an indie-pop song and one of my favorites from her. I feel like the main character in a coming-of-age movie when listening to it, especially if I’m walking around campus. The song also has some deeper meanings that contradict the upbeat vibe it has.


I found out about this song about two years ago. I first heard about Coin through the song “Talk Too Much,” and then listened to the rest of the album. The entire album, How Will You Know If You Never Try, is a summertime masterpiece. This song will always be a recent favorite of mine even though it’s been years since it’s come out. It gives the feeling of sunsets and a long, peaceful drive home from the beach. It’s so beautiful and lovely, and really just gives the best feeling, especially for those summer night drives.

Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Lacey Terrell / Prime Video
“the river,” my pretend rockstar song

If you haven’t read or watched Daisy Jones & The Six, what have you been doing? First of all, I finished the show last week and it was incredible. All of the music, acting, and outfits were great and I need to read the book after watching it. My favorite song from the soundtrack is “The River.” “The River” is a rock song and has so much energy throughout the entirety of it. “The River” is definitely the song that you, a rockstar, would perform to your pretend audience on your sold-out tour. The bridge would 100% be the best part of the song to sing and be a fan favorite.

“fast car,” my nostalgic song

I remember growing up and hearing this song from my parents. I recently heard a cover of this song and remembered that there was an original. Also, I did not know what year this song was from, my friends and I guessed around 2004, and my sisters guessed around 2016, but it’s actually 1988! When I listen to this song it reminds me of when I was a kid and driving around with my parents in the car. The acoustic guitar and Tracy Chapman’s beautiful and calm voice make me feel nostalgic and reminisce on simpler times.

In case you ever need a song to make you feel like a rockstar, Daisy Jones & The Six and I are here for you.

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