My Top 5 Bucket List Travel Destinations

The ongoing pandemic and the relentless, cold, New England weather has me dreaming of jetting off to places far from home. With all the time I have had quarantined in my house, I have perfected my bucket list of places I want to visit during my lifetime. They span the entire globe and include a range of cultures and geographical features! Unfortunately, my travel plans are on hold for the foreseeable future, but the good news is that it gives me plenty of time to plan and save for the lifetime of trips I have on my list!! So, to all the readers who enjoy learning about unique destinations, read along and maybe you’ll find a place to add to your list too! 

  1. 1. Provence, France 

    outdoor hc 3

    This region in southern France is most known for its expansive lavender fields that waft the fragrant flower throughout towns and cities. The peak time to see the purple fields are in early July, so catch me there exploring the picturesque views!

  2. 2. Kamakura, Japan

    Close Up Photography Of Cherry Blossom Tree

    Kamakura is a smaller seaside city about an hour south of Tokyo. The city has a rich history with numerous Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples to visit. The city also has many festivals throughout the spring and summer and has views of Mount Fuji and the Pacific Ocean.

  3. 3. Una National Park and Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Quabbin Reservoir keystone bridge

    Technically these are two different places but both offer two different experiences (and how can you pick just one!) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Una National Park’s main feature is Štrbački buk, which is a terrace waterfall but the National Park includes other beautiful sites and walkways. Mostar, on the other hand, is a small city known for its beautiful Turkish and Ottoman influenced history in its Old Town district. The quaint city adorns war memorials, museums, bazaars and cafes!

  4. 4. Kigali, Rwanda

    Philadelphia Center City Skyscrapers

    This city has seen one of the biggest transformations in the past 25 years and that has piqued my interest to visit. It’s dubbed as “Africa’s cleanest city” and one of the safest to travel to. The people are also known for their friendliness which is in part due to umuganda, a cultural principal that roughly translates to ‘community service.’

  5. 5. Cusco, Peru

    Pedro Lastra

    The city of Cusco offers insights into ancient Incan history and culture with access to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The city also boasts of colorful architecture, busy Peruvian markets, and access to Machu Picchu. Be sure to schedule plenty of time here to acclimate to the high elevation before adventuring!

If anyone else is experiencing the winter blues or has an itch to explore new places with different cultures, just know you're not alone! It's unfortunate that our current world situation has put the wander-lust traveler dream of mine on hold, but I am beyond excited for the day that travel will be safe again. In the meantime, I recommend everyone researches all the wonderful places the world has to offer so they can build their travel bucketlists! 

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