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My Favorite Song From Every Taylor Swift Album

As a longtime Swiftie, I have a lot of opinions concerning Taylor’s music. Everyone has their personal favorites in terms of songs and albums. Here’s a breakdown of my favorite song from each album, along with a few honorable mentions because there’s no way I could mention just one song from each album.


Taylor Swift

"Tim McGraw" - Admittedly, I’m not the biggest fan of country music but I do love this song.

Honorable mentions: Mary’s Song (Oh My My My), Picture to Burn, A Place in This World


Fearless (not including the new songs From The Vault)

"Forever & Always" - I’ll love this song...forever and always.

Honorable mentions: Change, The Best Day, Fearless, The Way I Loved You


Speak Now

"Enchanted" - Speak Now is my favorite TS album and "Enchanted" is my favorite TS song. 

Honorable mentions: Long Live, Last Kiss, Never Grow Up, Dear John

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"State of Grace" - Red is my second favorite TS album and "State of Grace" is my second favorite TS song.

Honorable mentions: All Too Well, Holy Ground, The Last Time, Treacherous



"I Wish You Would" - This is the first of many Jack Antonoff produced songs to be featured on this list.

Honorable mentions: Blank Space, All You Had To Do Was Stay, You Are In Love

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"Getaway Car" - Another Antonoff hit! I also loved the video that she showed during the reputation tour before playing this song.

Honorable mentions: New Year’s Day, Call It What You Want, Dress



"Death By A Thousand Cuts" - This one actually took me a while to warm to, but now I’m obsessed with it especially the bridge. 

Honorable mentions: Cruel Summer, Cornelia Street, Lover, False God



"august" - My absolute favorite TS collab with Jack Antonoff.

Honorable mentions: peace, the lakes, mirrorball, betty

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"gold rush" - The intro and outro of this song are just absolutely ethereal.

Honorable mentions: right where you left me, ‘tis the damn season, cowboy like me, marjorie


Wow, that took a lot of energy to compile this list, and honestly, my favorite songs/albums are not set in stone. The beauty of Taylor Swift as an artist is that she has a magical way of telling stories. Her songwriting ability is able to translate into any genre or sound that she wants it to. I can’t wait to add to this list as the re-recordings continue to come out and we get even more tracks from the vault!

Alexandra Enos

U Mass Amherst '22

Alex is a junior at UMass Amherst studying political science and history.
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