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My Campus Celebrity – Akshay Kapoor

My Campus Celebrity – Akshay Kapoor


At Umass, there are students that simply go through the motions and leave with a degree. There are other students that join clubs and get involved. It is rare to find the students that are the heads of their clubs, sit on influential University discussion panels and balance it all with a near perfect GPA. Did I mention he is a hit with the ladies too, And wants to be a doctor!

Akshay Kapoor is the embodiment of that rare breed, and with what he's doing at Umass, it's a wonder how he finds enough time in the day to do it all.


Where are you from and why are you at Umass?


Boxboro, MA. 


As a Massachusetts resident, I have a loyalty to my state. Luckily for me, my state also has Umass, where opportunities are wide and varying, and have allowed me to experience more than I would have at other schools. Other than that, this place is legen - wait for it...dary. Sometimes not for the better, but I think we can all agree its all part of the experience.


What have you done in your time here so far?


I've been an RA in Southwest since my sophomore year (dont worry hes that chill RA), the chapter ambassador for Theta Chi. I've spent most of my time lately as the Secretary of Diversity and Greek Life for the Student Government Association where I work with and manage all the Multicultural, Religious, LGBTQ, and Greek organizations on campus. I also sit on many committees, including the Chancellors UHS committee  where I helped save UHS from losing its pharmacy and laboratory. One thing I'm particularly proud of is managing to make SafeRide free for all students. 

(SafeRide is a university funded program for free health transportation.)

How does being involved help/hurt your life?


I am busy. 6-8 meeting a day kind of busy, not to mention classes. Needless to say it hurts the love life, but it's rewarding. Then again I'm the single guy saying that.  But who says being involved isn't a great way to meet people from all around campus? 


Who inspires you?


I would have to say my mom. Not to sound like a momma's boy. (He is) I love my family, but otherwise, being from Massachusetts I have definitely been inspired by Ted Kennedy. No one has better dedicated their life to helping people the way the late Senator did, and I think thats the definition of someone I aspire to be.


So you were Homecoming King, How'd you pull that one off? 


Lets go with my great hair and gleaming smile. But seriously, I was shocked to find out I had won. It was a great surprise to be crowned by the chancellor at the Homecoming game, and taking pictures with Sam and eager old ladies afterwards wasn't bad either. 


Tell me something not many people know about you.


I would have to go with that I secretly love romantic comedies. Don't tell anyone though. (oops)

If you could change one thing at Umass instantly, what would it be? 


I would bring the Blue Wall back to it's former glory, it used to be the biggest bar in Western Massachusetts. The walk uptown in the winter is miserable, I'd rather just go to the campus center.


So a little birdy told me that you're running for SGA President.  Is that true?


Haha yea It seemed like the right thing to do. I have worked on student issues all through my college experience and I think I can help alleviate a lot of the problems students face here on this campus. We need more projects like the sober shuttle I proposed, things students actually care about, and I intend on doing that. 

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