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My Campus Celeb: Elyse Schultz

This weeks campus celebrity is Elyse Schultz. A senior here at UMass, Elyse loves the Loose Goose Cafe. (Than again, who doesn’t?)

Loose Goose paid Elyse back for being such a great customer by making the sandwhich she created the special of the month. 

Find our how Elyse came up with such a great creation!

What is in your sandwich? Turkey -cheddar cheese -lettuce- avacado- chipotle aioi – tortilla chips (best on a ciabatta)

How did you get loose goose to make it a special? I emailed them my sandwich idea and also recommended that they do a sandwich of the week and have people send in their ideas and pick the best one–they decided on sandwich of the month
If you could compare the goodness of your sandwich to the goodness of any other food, what would it be?  A combination of nachos and turkey sandwich–how can you go wrong?!?!
How does one get their sandwich a special at loose goose cafe? All you have to do is write it on their facebook page or email them at [email protected]
Why should people pick “The Schultz” over any other sandwich at Loose Goose? The Schultz encompasses all the best ingredients offered at loose goose!  The tortilla chips give it a crunch, which is unmatched by any other sandwich.  The Schultz should probably be made permanent and put on the black chalk board!

Make sure to check out The Schultz at Loose Goose Cafe!! You won’t be dissapointed! 

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