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My Body My Health: Superfoods for the Super Scholar

SO, what exactly is a superfood?

While there can be many definitions of the word superfood, it’s basically a very beneficial food for your body that has antioxidant, weight loss, disease fighting and tons of other SUPER POWERS that provide your body with nourishment. Eating these five superfoods that are easily accessible at UMass will reward your body with all the healthy advantages that come with every bite.

So eat up and keep your immune system humming through February’s cold gloomy days.

1.OATMEAL promotes weight loss advantages with its filling fiber that keeps you full for hours. It’s been also known to fight heart disease and provide your body with a unique source of antioxidants called avenanthramides.

Edible ideas: In the a.m., make instant oatmeal via the microwave in your room or have a bowl in the DC as a sustainable morning meal.

2.GREEN TEA contains antioxidants and cancer fighting EGCG. Many studies have shown that green tea lowers BMI and melts belly fat.

Sip some while you study or as a post-meal beverage to warm you up.


3.PEANUT BUTTER, a two tablespoon serving size is about 190 calories and is packed with “good fats”. This condiment promotes weight loss and fights heart disease. The filling protein in PB also keeps your stomach satisfied longer.

Things to eat along with your PB: banana, apple, carrots, on toast, pear, strawberries, with yogurt, or on oatmeal!

4.CITRUS FRUITS contain vitamin C, which helps your heart and may protect your immune system from free radicals. These fruits contain a high amount of folic acid and fiber. Also, they do not have a very high sugar content like a lot of other fruits do.

Where to get your citrus? It’s best to go directly to the source. So, avoid sugar laden “fruit” drinks and pick up an orange or grapefruit at the DC. You can even squeeze some lemon in your water for a refreshing drink during class.

5.YOGURT in your diet is a great source of calcium, which contributes to strong bones. Studies have shown that calcium rich diets are associated with a lower body weight. Yogurt is also packed with protein and probiotics which make it easy to digest. Probiotics are said to keep your intestines healthy and also boost your overall immune system.

What’s a good brand? Be careful with yogurt for it can have hidden sugars. Opt for a brand with less than 25-30 grams of sugar in it, if it does, consider that a dessert. Try out some tasty Greek yogurt or Light & Fit flavors with breakfast, or as a snack when you’re on the go during a busy day!


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