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The Must Have App For Every Collegiette: CO Everywhere

Let’s face it: we always seem to have our phones glued to our hands, no matter where we are or what we’re doing. We love staying connected with our friends and family and of course, staying connected through social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare – the list seems endless. Every time we are bored in class, walking to class, sitting in our dorm room, and so on, social media always seems to be such an entertaining part of our day, you can say it’s gotten to be a habit for some of us. After a while we seem to get bored with checking the same old thing. So, to add some spice to your social media grind, here’s a brand new application you can download for free, called CO Everywhere. Check it out…

1. CO Everywhere lets you be anywhere to experience the locations you love, all in one place and all in one news feed on your phone or computer. This is so much easier than switching from all your different social media sites.

2. It’s simple to use and you can follow as many locations as you like, especially UMass Amherst or anywhere in the world! You get to see all the social activity happening in these areas right as it’s happening, like photos, videos, tweets, etc. (super convenient)

3. CO Everywhere keeps you, your friends, or people in that area COnnected no matter where they are. There are also trending locations from around the world, which is a great way to experience that location right from your phone.

4. You can literally draw your locations you want to follow and stay connected with friends right from your phone and search for any locations across the world on a map. So, let’s say you went abroad, or your friends are currently abroad, you can see what they’re up to just by circling their location on the map. Pretty awesome way to keep in touch.

5. Let’s say your besties go to different schools, or even your boyfriend: you can circle their location and see what’s going on in their area.

CO Everywhere is a perfect way to stay connected with your favorite places. You get to follow your friends, places like UMass Amherst and other spots you love around Amherst, and have it all in one easy to use application that will definitely keep you in the loop. Stay COnnected Collegiettes!

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Elana Jacobson

U Mass Amherst

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