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The start of my junior year brought on a significant change, I no longer lived in Southwest.

For the past two years, the fall semester meant heat, long lines, and multiple carts to be pushed around the glorious and lovable area known as Southwest. But this year, I was an official resident of North Apartment B, an eternal palace in comparison to the cement corner room I had previously inhabited.

Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Southwest and the many fond memories: stumbling out of bed on Sunday mornings into Hamp or Berk, looking absolutely homeless in your sweatpants and last night’s makeup. Seeing everyone you know, or at least recognize, was always a comfort. 

Throughout the first week of junior year classes, I found myself completely unsure of where in the world I was. Establishing my location seemed like an impossible task, and I had essentially no idea how long it would take to make my way over to Bartlett. When and where did the bus come? I had never been to Worcester, would it live up to its reputation?

Waking up in North on Sunday mornings to the light breeze of your A/C is pure bliss. The idea of venturing over to Puffton or Hobart on a night out no longer required serious motivation or shoe contemplation, yet Phillips and Amity became a trek.

The prospect of no longer owning a shower caddy causes an immense outpouring of joy. As I sit on my new couch and look out the window, I see foliage and nature rather than cement towers. You no longer have to deal with the noise and commotion of a classic Southwest Saturday night.

It feels as if I have started the semester at a new university, yet I still have all of my favorite things about UMass right here. The zoo is still alive and well, just a bit calmer and cleaner, and I love it.


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Louise Monroe

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Currently a junior English and Communication double major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  Lover of Shonda Rhimes, dogs, feminism, and excessive amounts of espresso.
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