The More You Travel, The More You'll Learn

I grew up in a family who absolutely loved to travel. Whether it was across the world to Portugal and South Africa, or just down to Florida to visit my family, my parents made it a priority to take my sister and me as many places as possible. Although not everyone’s childhood was like this, I think that it is so important to travel as much as possible throughout your life. Whether it is going abroad for a semester, a summer, or even a graduation trip with friends, the experience that you get traveling really is one of a kind. It might sound cheesy, but it really is true- the more you travel the more you will learn!

Travel is Easier (and Cheaper) Than You Think!

When most people think of travel (especially internationally) they think of  thousands of dollars going into one trip. However, coming from personal experience, traveling doesn’t need to be such a huge expense, and the trip can even be more personable if you spend less! Whenever I travel internationally, I stay in reputable youth hostels where I can easily socialize with other travelers and learn more about their experiences, while also making new friends and going out of my comfort zone!

Traveling Helps You Learn More About Yourself

I know exactly what you’re thinking- why would I need to travel to learn about myself? Traveling will challenge you in new ways that wouldn’t happen in your usual daily routine. If you travel out of the country, try using the public transportation system instead of taking cabs- it creates a fun challenge, and hopefully you’ll get where you need to be! Explore the quiet side streets of a city to find your morning coffee rather than going to Starbucks and getting your usual! These challenges will make you so excited when you accomplish them and will probably save you some money too!

Traveling is Educational (Like School- But More Fun!)

When I was in high school, history was my least favorite subject. For some reason I just found it terribly boring and I couldn’t get into it. However when I travel, I make it a priority to learn the history of the place I’m visiting and go to all the must-see historical sites/ museums when there. There is something about being in a new place while learning the history that will really make you connect! As an added plus, try learning a new language when you’re traveling abroad. It’ll make you feel awesome to know how to order your dinner in Italian or Spanish!

Traveling Helps You Mature

Not only will you learn about different cultures, histories, and people, but you’ll learn so much more about yourself (and the people you travel with). I learned (the hard way) that traveling with other people isn’t always as easy as you’d hope- especially when with friends rather than family. However, traveling with your friends is one of those situations that teaches you a certain level of maturity. Just like when you moved into your freshman dorm with your roommate, there will be a sense of the unknown, but you will mature so much while on your excursion!

Overall, I can’t stress enough how awesome it is to travel anywhere in the world and how much you’ll learn while doing so! Definitely make it a priority to travel as much as possible!

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