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More Than Just a Housewife: A Look Into the WAG Life

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

A WAG isn’t just a “Wife And Girlfriend of Sports,” it’s exclusive access into an elite club of women that respect and support one another. The E! Network shows, “WAGS” and “WAGS: Miami,” are looks into the lives of the wives and girlfriends of the professional athletes that live in Los Angeles and Miami. The women featured on the show are all in the same circle of friends and can be seen going on shopping trips, lunch and dinner dates, weekend vacations, and the games of each other’s significant others. Even though they can be seen fighting or rolling eyes, these women have formed a bond due to the relationship status that most people will never understand.

There is more to these women than just whom they are dating or married to. They have jobs just like their significant others. Two of the stars have made names for themselves on Instagram, and they have been able to start a beauty and fashion blog—as well as a YouTube channel—because of it. Another pair created a children’s clothing line with the logos of various sports teams, as well as some other cute clothes. There is also a former WWE Diva trying to make a name for herself outside of her wrestling alter ego by pursuing modeling and acting.

Not to mention, while all of them dabble in modeling, two of the women are full-time models who have experience on the New York Fashion Week runway and major magazines. Because of all this, these women show viewers that they are not just housewives; they can stand on their own two feet and won’t be defined by the men in their lives.

On top of their jobs and being strong, independent women, there is also a strong sense of family. Because this show is based on relationships, it shows many different types of families. Three of the women are cousins and two of the three are sisters. They also talk about how close their families are to each other, and some of the drama that occurs on the show is due to them sticking up for each other and making sure that they have each others’ backs. These are also the women that have the fashion blog and YouTube channel. It is admirable to see cousins and sisters work together while maintaining a relationship that allows them to be with each other all the time and have a business relationship outside their familial one.

A handful of these women are also mothers, and are shown taking care of their kids and talking about them. One woman is the daughter of a WAG, and often goes to her mother for advice on how to stay sane when her fiancé is on the road with the team or when rumors swirl around her. The mother/daughter relationship is refreshing because it differs from the rest of the show.

The only way to be a WAG is if someone is in a relationship with an athlete. Because of how specific the requirement is, it creates a small circle of people who know what it’s like to have an athlete as a partner, as well as the problems that might come with it. All of the women know what it’s like to dodge rumors and live in the spotlight, because that’s what has to happen when someone is a WAG. One woman on the show says that they represent their men the second they walk out their door, but that’s just the bare minimum—there’s so much more to that title than just being a wife or girlfriend.

The title of a WAG gives a special platform for others to learn from. This show, and the lives these women lead, teaches how to be a friend, ignore what people say, be independent in a relationship, and just live your life. There is something to be said about these women leaning on each other and becoming family while their husbands are on the field. There is more to being a WAG than just being a housewife.

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