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If you’ve ever wondered what Chris Evans’ sandwich order is, where celebrities get their botox done, or places you might be able to run into a celebrity, there is an Instagram account that has it all. Deuxmoi is the modern day Gossip Girl. The account was created when a woman who lived in New York City was trying to cure quarantine boredom, and posted on her account asking her followers to share personal stories they had of celebrities. The first story to come in was about Leonardo DiCaprio, and after receiving her first submission, the account quickly took off. Originally, Deuxmoi was a style blog and had a few thousand followers, but after only a year the account almost has a million followers.

[bf_image id="q7jwm5-19xdls-dpdtob"]The account receives hundreds of submissions a week, and running Deuxmoi has almost become a full-time job. The woman who runs the account chooses to remain anonymous, and runs the account for fun. She works full-time and posts the most on the account after her work day ends. All submissions are screenshotted by the owner and reposted on the Instagram account’s story. The owner chooses to censor some information in certain submissions if the information is particularly sensitive. 

Deuxmoi has been used as a source for gossip sites like Daily Mail, but the owner stresses that each submission is not verified and she simply posts the submissions she receives without doing any research about them. Since she tries to post almost every submission, clicking through the story can take followers a while. The account is private, but the owner approves virtually everyone (except bots or fake accounts). Some of the account’s followers even include people who are in the submissions posts, like Gigi Hadid or celebrities’ PR teams!

Not every submission proves to be true, but others are spot on. Followers of the account are able to hear celebrity gossip before the general public finds out. Followers have sent in tips like news about the press release in response to Meghan and Harry’s Oprah interview minutes before it was released to the public, and confirmation that “Love Story” would be the first release from Taylor Swift’s re-recordings. Many juicy submissions have blurred out names or details that reveal who the information may be about, and this causes followers to be constantly guessing. There’s even a Reddit thread dedicated to guessing who submissions are about.

[bf_image id="tvc424sjkgxt3rn7xbcjp"] Deuxmoi was created at the perfect time. Through lockdown and this pandemic, many were looking for ways to keep themselves entertained. People love gossip, and Deuxmoi offered unique celebrity gossip that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are a new follower or have been following from the start, the account has created a community. There are running jokes created from submissions and certain celebrities have even coined their own unique nicknames on the account. (Leonardo Dicaprio is known as “Headphone Dino Bones'' and Shawn Mendes is often referred to as “Headband Coffee Mug.”) Deuxmoi even has their own merch so you can show your love for the Instagram account. The account continues to gain more and more followers. If you aren’t already following Deuxmoi, do yourself a favor and follow the account to stay up to date on the latest celebrity news. 

Julia Brown

U Mass Amherst '23

Julia Brown is currently a sophomore at UMass Amherst studying nutrition and public health. She loves hanging with friends and finding cute coffee shops in her free time. Feel free to follow her on instagram @juliabrown15
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