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#MCM: Grey’s Anatomy Edition

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Grey’s Anatomy first aired ten years ago and has been a staple of Thursday night primetime ever since. The storylines of the characters and the extreme medical cases they work on always keep things interesting. However, there is one other element of the show that you just can’t ignore: the male doctors. These guys are just great; they’re nice to look at but they also have intriguing back stories that pull viewers in and keep their attention. Here’s a look at the men we wish were our actual doctors. *Spoilers ahead*

1. Alex Karev

Alex Karev has been there from the very beginning with Meredith and the rest of the original interns. He was the rude, bad boy but this doctor changed his ways when he fell for Izzy and discovered he belonged in pediatrics. Now, he’s a sweet and caring doctor for the “tiny humans” and in a committed relationship. He also stepped in as Meredith’s “person,” since Christina and Derek are both gone.

2. Jackson Avery

The pretty one and a member of the “Plastics Posse,” Jackson Avery is a skilled doctor with a very powerful family. He rebelled against his mother’s wishes and became a plastic surgeon, and has excelled ever since he made that decision.

3. Owen Hunt

This war vet is intense. He can take charge and run an emergency room like no other, and a hospital while we’re talking about it. Yeah, he may have made a poor call with the whole airplane choice but that’s done and over and the hospital is now thriving after all that drama. He has everyone’s best interest in mind and cares about his close friends.

4. Derek Shephard

RIP McDreamy. The attending fell in love with the intern and a lot of drama occurred in between. The post-it was romantic in a weird way, but he and Meredith were perfect, so it was okay. His flawless hair and smile were enough to melt hearts anywhere with a single glance. It hasn’t even been a full season and he is already missed dearly.


5. Mark Sloane

One word: McSteamy. The other member of the “Plastics Posse” and an all-around great guy. A player at first and then fell hard. He stepped up to the plate when Torres needed him and he instantly got hotter when he held a baby. Mark and Lexi were one of the better couples on the show and they will forever and always be missed.


6. Andrew DeLuca

New intern DeLuca faked his way through his first day and pretended to be an attending, but in reality it was his first day, and that takes guts. Unfortunately, that didn’t help in making friends, but he’s doing just fine with his secret relationship with Pierce. We could potentially have another Derek and Meredith relationship on our hands with this one.

It’s hard to pick a favorite when they all look the way they do and are as nice as they are. It also doesn’t hurt that they are all really smart and skilled surgeons so that’s an added bonus, it’s almost too much to handle. Well Collegiettes, who is your favorite doctor?


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