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Love on Tour or Fashion Week? All of Harry Styles’ Madison Square Garden Residency Outfits, Ranked

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Aside from being strikingly handsome and talented, Harry Styles is known for his eccentric fashion choices. Each of his albums presents a different era of personal style. He strictly wore bell bottom Gucci suits during his 2017 tour of his self-titled album, and high-waisted dress pants, suspenders, and unbuttoned shirts of pale pinks, blues, and oranges characterized his Fine Line era. The second leg of Love on Tour amidst the release of his third album, Harry’s House, gives us a blast from the past in both sound and style. With songs like “As It Was” and “Late Night Talking” reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, Harry’s 15-night long Madison Square Garden residency gave us outfits inspired by these eras, full of sparkles, patterns, and bright colors. As a Harry Styles super-fan and Love on Tour attendee, I’d like to rank his MSG outfits from absolutely heinous to undoubtedly sexy.

I’m unable to include photos of his outfits due to copyright, but each outfit has a link to a photo either from his stylist Harry Lambert’s Twitter or Harry’s own Instagram page so you can see the outfits clearly.

Night Seven: Pink and Red Sequined Stripes (Heinous)

On night seven, Harry sported a t-shirt and pants set with red and pink vertical stripes made of cheap-looking sequin (even though it’s Gucci). The red Adidas shoes add the finishing touch to what I think is the most heinous outfit of his residency; in this outfit, Harry looks like a mix of a clown and a candy cane from hell.

Night 13: Pink and Green Sparkly Polka dot set

This next Gucci set gets second to worst because of the sequin material Harry seems to like so much (though it looks really itchy). I don’t think the dark green and pink go together, and the circles of the polka dots are so big they make me uncomfortable. I don’t find the one-piece silhouette flattering on Harry — still love him though.

Night Five: Blue and Pink Sparkly Polka DOt Set

Another polka dot set at the bottom. The only things making it a little better than the last two outfits are the fact that only the dots are sequins instead of the whole outfit, it’s a tank top instead of a t-shirt, and the baby blue and pink go well together.

Night 14: Red and White Polka Dot t-shirt and white pants

I like the white pants paired with the fitted red and white polka dot t-shirt as opposed to it being a one-piece. Fortunately, it isn’t made of itchy sequins, but I feel like he could do better.

Night Two: Candy CAne Cosplay

Harry channels his inner candy cane for the first time with a diagonally striped red and white one-piece. If it was closer to Christmas, maybe this look would be a little higher on the list.

Night nine: some suspender action and a white t-shirt

I don’t hate the suspenders and actually think they’re pretty cute, but what’s preventing this outfit from being higher on the list is how high Harry’s pants go.

Night Eight: Watermelon sugar Vibes (except that was On the last album)

I love the watermelon-inspired colors Harry went with in this outfit, and I like the black Adidas shoes better than the red. I’d say one-pieces and Adidas sneakers define this era for Harry — he seems to really enjoy them.

Night 10: Fun and fresh pink and yellow chevron

I love the yellow and pink on Harry and definitely think the chevron print is better than the polka dots. This is the point in the rankings where I’m actually starting to enjoy his outfits!

Night Three: Hot pink and red striped Tank Top

Unlike the heinous red and pink striped set at the bottom of this list, I am living for the hot pink and red stripes in this outfit, mainly because they seem to be made of a sweater-like material. Of course, there’s also one of those big pearl necklaces Harry loves to wear, and this time the pearls are black. I love it!

Night 12: Polka dot and chevron overload

Polka dots or chevron: why choose one when you can have both? Harry popped off for night 12 in another pair of high-waisted pants with suspenders (this time with polka dots) and a chevron print t-shirt. I absolutely love the orange and light blue together and think this outfit is super cute and fun despite my hatred of polka dots.

NIGHt Four: Rainbow striped jacket and pants

Harry showed off in a pink and rainbow-striped leather jacket with matching pants on night four. The bedazzles around the collar and sleeves of the jacket are everything, and I think the cropped jacket fits him so well!

Night One: Blue and white chevron jacket (Bedazzled)

Harry kicked off his residency in a blue and white chevron-print cropped jacket with matching high-waisted pants. Again, I think the jacket and pants suit him so well, and I love the huge bedazzles that reflect beautifully as accents along the pants, sleeves, and jacket collar.

night 15 (The big finish): Multicolor sparkly striped one-piece (chest exposed)

Harry saved (one of) the best for last with this multicolor, chevron, striped, sequin, vest-with-the-chest-out one-piece. He was absolutely glowing in this outfit on stage that night, and I think this outfit encapsulates this Harry Styles era to a T!

Night 11: Pink and yellow chevron jacket (Bedazzled)

As you can see, I am a big fan of the jacket, white t-shirt, and matching pants combo on Harry. This time he chose the same yellow and pink chevron print as night 10 and looked absolutely beautiful!

Night 6: Cherry-bEdazzled Jean vest with matching pants (And no shirt underneath!)

This is easily the sexiest Harry has looked on the entire tour so far. I don’t know what I did to deserve to see Harry that night, but when he came up from underneath that stage in bedazzled bell-bottom jeans and an open jean vest with nothing on underneath, I immediately started bawling my eyes out (I’m not kidding). It was obviously fate that I had bedazzled cherries on my shirt that night, just like he did on the back of his vest. I feel bad for anyone that didn’t get to experience Harry Styles on night six.

I hope you enjoyed, agreed with, or even disagreed with my rankings of Harry Styles’ outfits during his MSG Residency. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the rest of his outfits so far and can’t wait to see what else Harry has in store for the rest of Love on Tour!

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