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Life Lessons from Mickey Mouse in Honor of His Birthday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

That’s right — our favorite Disney character (well, mine at least) is turning 93 this year. And let’s be honest, he looks a bit too fine for being that old *wink*. Many different cartoons have been created over the years, but Mickey Mouse still rules my heart. Plus, Mickey always has something to teach us. Keep reading for some valuable life lessons that we should all remember!


When you know you have a task to complete, the only way to accomplish it is by being proactive. No matter what the task is, Mickey always stands first in line to complete it. When Mickey is pushed into a problem or challenge, he comes up with a solution.

So what if he only has four fingers on his hands? Some people are made for bigger plans. It really is true that if you have the power, you can weave your own life story. All you have to do is believe.

Also, Mickey’s Clubhouse is one of the cleanest places I’ve ever seen. Nothing is out of place, and everything always looks neat and tidy. Cleanliness in the office will make your office productive and proactive. Who said spring cleaning is the only time to refresh and reset your space?


No matter what the situation is, Mickey always teaches us to be positive and confident about ourselves. He shows us how to find the best in any good or bad situation.

He will tell you that even at 93, he still has so many new plans ahead of him. That mouse is young at heart, and he knows that age is just a number. It’s never too late to start anything. Think of it as your life’s best stage and give it a shot. It’s about time you break out of that cage.

Nothing is risk-free in this world. The key you need to succeed in the world is to stay positive and always have a backup plan. Otherwise, we may never be able to move forward in life.


Has anyone ever seen a sad Mickey Mouse? I didn’t think so.

Mickey never stopped laughing. This teaches us an important lesson in life: don’t shy away from your smile and always laugh at your own mistakes. Humor is the greatest remedy in difficult situations.

Plus, don’t forget to smile! Mickey’s smile reflects a safe and happy vibe to all his friends. Unlike Donald Duck (who seems to have irritation on his face as often as a smile), Mickey tends to live from a place of joy that can be seen by his friends and fans alike. A smiling face can go a long way regarding leadership, too — remember that. 


This is one of the best leadership skills that Mickey teaches us. He delegates work to all his friends according to their skills and fulfils a task by bringing everyone together. 

In many of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes, Mickey’s persistence is tried by his friends. He gets irritated, but he is pretty slow to get mad, which ends up becoming his greatest strength. In the world of leadership, a very important component of success is patience. 

As Hellen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” If you want to be a good manager, you are bound to know that you cannot do everything alone. Bringing everyone together is key!


It never mattered who was facing a problem, Mickey was always there to help his friends. Whether it was Goofy or whether it was Donald, Mickey always helped out. Mickey Mouse also teaches us to help our enemies in trouble. In fact, he never promotes enmity.

When you are working with more than one person, you should always be the one who helps because sharing is caring, and the one who shares is the one who learns.


Because everything seems impossible until you actually do it!

We’ve all seen the cartoon character Pete and the way he always causes trouble for Mickey and his friends. Despite all the trouble, Mickey never loses his patience. He always remains calm and fights against the obstacles without losing faith. He will show you that all of life’s little problems have a solution. If you need to get out of trouble, just summon your imagination. Use your quick wit and courage to drive the monsters away, then stop dwelling on the past so that the good times will stay.

Many uncertainties can occur throughout your career, and we all have to fight against them with faith to find a solution. As we all know, crying over a problem doesn’t really help.

Mickey Mouse is 93, but he still has so much more to achieve. You and I? We have so much time left. We get to make the most out of it. So turn on your favourite episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and get that grind on! And don’t forget to wish Mickey a very happy birthday :)

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Navya Gupta

U Mass Amherst '23

Navya Gupta is a content writer and Twitter co-ordinator for the University of Massachusets Amherst Chapter. She is a Junior Marketing and Managerial economics double major with a certificate in Business Data Analytics. An International student from India, Navya is heavily involved on campus in the Marketing club and Adllab, loves meeting new people and exploring new cafes. You can count on her for articles detailing the latest update on all things Netflix, Kpop and food!