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A Letter To: Girls With Big Brothers

Okay, let’s face it. Your older brother was a pain-in-the-neck when you were younger. He probably blamed you for things you didn’t do, pulled your hair, embarrassed you endlessly in front of your friends, and made you feel left out when he had friends over and wouldn’t let you near them. But you’re older now and, as a result, he can actually help you in more ways than not.

1. He Will Always Be Your Protector

While it doesn’t always happen this way, older brothers are generally very protective of their younger sisters. Whether you’re having a rough day at school or your boyfriend just dumped you, older brothers often just have a way of making it all better. While they’ve been through similar experiences, they’ve been on the opposite end, so older brothers can offer you wisdom and advice that you may not get from your girlfriends. Or… they could just find out where your ex lives and pay him a visit!

2. He’ll Help You Understand Boys Better

As you get older, you will realize how your older brother can actually help you better understand other guys your age. This can be incredibly useful. Take note of your brother’s interests like football, beer, and watching Breaking Bad. Next time you’re with a guy, you’ll have a go-to conversation starter.

3. He Has Cute Friends

If your brother is older, that means that most of his friends will be too, and we all know that older = more maturity. Ask your brother if you can come out with him the next time he goes out with his friends. Maybe you can bring a couple friends, too. Who doesn’t like meeting new people?

Older brothers provide so many benefits to younger sisters. Take advantage of all the help they can offer you!

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