Lacking Motivation? Follow These Studygrams!

With the semester coming to a close and summer right around the corner, feeling a lack of motivation this time of year is extremely normal. Even though it’s technically best to stay off social media during finals, I seriously urge you to look up #StudygramCommunity on Instagram. This Instagram trend might just be the answer to cure your lack of motivation. Tons of students ranging in ages and schools have turned to either following or starting their own Studygram (study-Instagram).

Although Studygrams are super customizable and can easily fit your own aesthetic, many of them track a student’s progress with their academics, art or journals. A typical Studygram features notes, bullet journals, agendas and lots of stationery. If you’re looking for study tips, better note taking styles or even just motivation for your journal, a Studygram is a perfect place to look.

Studygrams are particularly effective to spark motivation because of their prominence on Instagram. So, if you’re already an active Instagram user, you would definitely benefit from following a few! From their aesthetic appeal, colourful stationary and endless tips, students from all ages have turned to Studygrams to inspire both themselves and others. My favourite part about having and following a Studygram is finding people from all over the world that share your major. Just from this trend, I have been able to gather advice on how to better my academics, find great stationary and study tips or tricks. Whatever your major, I guarantee there is a Studygram out there for you!  

If your major is: Political Science & International Relations

And if you’re into: Colourful bullet journal ideas

Instagram - @princesastudy


If you’re into: Minimalist style notes and agenda designs

Instagram -


If your major is: Art & Design

If you’re into: Bullet journal spreads and caligraphy


Instagram - @celestialcreative


If your major is: Geography

If you’re into: A student’s everyday academic routine

Instagram - @hstudies


If your major is: Cellular and Molecular Biology

If you’re into: Stationary and colourful diagrams


Instagram - @babeswhostudy


If your major is: Biology Pre-Med Track

If you’re into: Following a pre-Med student’s undergraduate adventure

Instagram - @kasr.studies


If your major is: Communication

If you’re into: Stationary, study tips and note-taking

Instagram - @emmastudiess


If your major is: English Literature

If you’re into: Calligraphy and design

Instagram - @esthertiq


If your major is: Education

If you’re into: A first year’s university academic routine

Instagram - @studytate

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