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Katie Core : All you need to know about Sorority Recruitment

Sophomore Panhellenic Vice President of Membership Katie Core acquainted HC UMass with spring sorority recruitment details, which spans from January 29th to February 4th, her favorite Amherst eateries, and why she came to UMass from her Chicago suburb.  Core requested we refrain from revealing her chapter affiliation, as anonymity maintains her status as an unbiased mentor to the recruitment processes’ potential new members.
What is sorority recruitment?
It’s the process of mutual selection between the potential new members and the chapters on campus.  It’s about who the chapters and girls feel most comfortable with.
Who is eligible?
Anyone is eligible as long as they are enrolled in the university.  Even second semester juniors can go through recruitment.
What occurs during recruitment?
Saturday is when sororities have their first party, where the potential new members spend time getting to know the sisters and might do an activity for the chapter’s philanthropy.  Sororities might make one day house tours, one day skit night, etc.
Why should UMass Amherst females want to go through recruitment?
Being in a sorority in general, it makes a big campus a lot smaller, especially for transfers, and networking for jobs.  It’s great for graduate school applications, it gives you a sense of togetherness, it’s a great way to get involved on campus, and a great way to get involved in charities and philanthropies if you like that.
How do you register?
You do not do register for spring.  You only register for fall.  This semester we have a Facebook group, a page on Campuspulse, and we have done flyering at the activity expo, which has the chapters and the times.  Spring recruitment is done through the continuous open bidding style, where girls go to which houses they want to look at.  Spring is more casual than the fall.  You aren’t led around from house to house.  You choose where you want to go.
How does a girl decide which sorority is best for her?
Most girls can go to a house and get a feel for where they feel most comfortable, whichever house they can see themselves in.  I think it kind of goes without saying whichever house they feel at home in is how it works.

What if I have a lot of assignments due during recruitment week?
The nice thing about spring recruitment, is it is very casual and relaxed.  You don’t have to attend every party.  You can go once or twice to the house.  Homework isn’t really an issue in the spring.
How long is pledging?
It’s based on national guidelines.  Some have requirements and some don’t, but it usually lasts between 5 and 10 weeks.  New member programs vary from house to house.  It’s typically a time where they get to know the sisters and learn about the history and rituals of the house.
Do all of the sororities have a house? A chef?
I’m not sure if all have a chef but a few definitely do. There are 6 chapter houses out of our 7 sororities.
Do all sisters live in their sorority house?
Some chapters don’t have the capacity to hold everyone.  Some have housing policies where you have to live for a certain amount of semesters.  A lot of sisters live out of the house in, like, Puffton and other regular residential areas around here.  If you go through recruitment the fall of your freshman year, most don’t move in until sophomore year because they are required to live on campus.

What made you go through sorority recruitment?
I didn’t really see myself as a sorority girl because I had the stereotypical image in my head, but I figured I might as well take a look at it and got a completely different feel for it than what I originally thought.  I saw that is very down to earth, and I really felt comfortable when I went through.
What are your favorite aspects about Greek Life?
I’d say the feeling of togetherness in Greek Life.  I like the feeling of belonging, even though we are in each separate chapters.
Why do you like being the Vice President of Membership?
I really wanted to do this position because I enjoy helping people find their way.  I like the idea that I can help girls on campus choose a path. I’m pretty passionate about my chapter and about Greek Life in general, and am excited I get to share that with other people.
What’s your favorite weekend hangout in Amherst?
I like the typical spots…I like going to the diner, Antonio’s.  Ya know, like any other college student.
What’s your favorite aspect about UMass?
I’m from Chicago.  I just like New England in general.  My mom is an alum here.  I came for that reason too.  I just enjoy the fact that it’s a little city, we have our own zip code.  She grew up in Brookline, and most of my family live in Foxboro and Franklin.  It’s like a home away from home and that’s why I decided to join Greek Life in general.  It made a big school smaller for me.
Where do you see yourself after college?
I want to go into physical therapy or be a physician’s assistant.

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