The Jonas Brothers are Getting the Band Back Together (A Review)


It honestly felt like the Jonas Brothers  were going to keep us waiting for new music until the year 3000 when they announced back in 2013 that they were taking a break. The word “break” sort of has a negative connotation in relation to bands, relationships and other things along these lines. “Pom Poms”, quite a bop may I add, was amongst the last of their songs to be released before they decided to go their separate ways. Kevin went on to focus on his wife and family, Joe furthered his music career with the band DNCE and Nick also continued to make music and became quite a popular name in the music industry.


The newly reunited group announced on their social media pages February 28, 2019 that they would be releasing a new song at midnight, and, when it dropped, it is safe to say that fans went crazy. Their new song, “Sucker” is very reminiscent of their old music such as “Burnin’ Up” and “That’s Just the Way We Roll”. Nick and Joe tackle the vocals, and Kevin is part of the instrumental in which he plays the guitar. The song ultimately is about being a sucker for the one you love and becoming senseless around them and doing anything for them.


The brothers include their partners in the music video (which you can watch here) including Nick’s new wife Priyanka Chopra, and Joe’s fiancée Sophie Turner. Although the band has matured and progressed in their lives (and their looks may I add) their music is still very 2000s boy band. It definitely is the Jonas Brothers, there is no doubt about that. The chorus is catchy, the vocals are good and the beat definitely makes you want to dance. 


In light of the positive view of this new song and new era of this once very popular band, they have begun to appear quite literally everywhere. They have been doing countless talk shows, starred for a week on The Late Late Show with James Corden and participated in his segment of Carpool Karaoke, and gave fans the very first live television performance of their new hit single, which you can check out here.


Am I a fan of this new song? Yes. Should you be too? Yes. Stanning the Jonas Brothers is just second nature to me at this point because I, (like many others I hope) was invested in their discography. I am looking forward to new music from them and the talent they have to offer, because I most certainly am a sucker for their musical talent.