It Is Time to Move On

We’ve all been there…you say something about your ex-boyfriend or ex-“thing” and your friend gives you that look.

That “I need to look really supportive because my friend is upset and fragile but man does she need to move on because I’m stick of hearing about it” look. Easier said than done, I get it. Everyone’s situations are different and even without hearing every ones individual stories it is pretty safe so say that if you are reading this it is time to move on.

We are torn between the clichés “if you want it, go get it” and “if you love someone, set them free. If they come back, they’re yours” (I blame Tumblr for these mixed signals). Regardless of how it ended… it ended. You invested so much time and emotions into this person and one thing happens and they drop you like an old rag. Don’t you want someone who chases after you when you run, someone who can see past your mistakes you’ve made? Can you imagine yourself married to this person and spending the rest of your life with them?

Woah. Hold up. Yes, I just said that… the m word.

I know, it seems crazy to even think of that but if you can’t foresee a future with this person then why are you so hung up on them? They are just another page in your book. You’re not going to rip that page out and burn it though because you can take comfort in the fact that this person taught you lessons about yourself and about what you want. So, keep that page in your book, just don’t flip back to it. *end book metaphor*

We all hate to admit, but still know that the phrase... so common for a reason and that reason is because it is true. Things don't work out with certain people because it just wasn't meant to be. You are used to being with that person, you're used to texting them everyday, you are used to that weirdly charming noise they make when they laugh really hard, and you are used to everything being easy with them. We love familiarity and being comfortable but you can't force a relationship just because it is second nature to you.

I can keep writing about why I think you should move on but in the end, you need to do this for yourself. Stalking his Facebook, listening to sad music, and drunk crying over him is only hurting yourself. If you really do care that much about a person, you will want the best for them. You want them to find someone who makes them happy just like you want them to want you to be happy. Maybe you guys can't do that for each other and maybe right now it hurts coming to terms with that but time heals all wounds.

So, Collegiettes, it is time to move on. Let's do it together. 

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