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Introducing the UMass Victoria’s Secret PINK Line, Campus Reps, & Team

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

Victoria’s Secret PINK is a staple for a lot of millennials, Collegiettes, and UMass students alike. We have great news—PINK has released a new UMass PINK line to promote some UMass school spirit. In their line, PINK has featured campuses around the nation whose football teams and school spirit are large, and now our very own UMass Amherst has made the cut! Now you can look fashionable and cute while reppin’ your favorite school.

The UMass PINK line was brought here and promoted on campus by the two new UMass PINK Campus Ambassadors and their Campus Team! Cortland Kerecz and Melissa Migden are the Reps, and have recently chosen a group of 10 ladies to help them spread the word.

“I love the new UMass line! It’s stylish and comfy, and a lot cuter than most of the clothes in the campus store. My favorite part about being a Rep is getting the chance to influence the brand. As Reps we suggest clothes, pick which styles and colors we like best, and share our opinions on tons of different things! It’s very cool,” said Migden.

Already, the team has held countless social media giveaways on their Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. They attend campus events like football games, tailgates, and activities fairs and give out tons of free goodies. They also just recently held an event called “Sweat With Pink,” featuring both a cardio-kickboxing class and a Zumba class at the Rec Center, free for anyone to attend. One hundred and fifty girls came to sweat it out, and there were tons of new active wear prizes from PINK!

Going forward, there are tons of things coming up for UMass PINK. The next event for UMass PINK is the “Think Pink” breast cancer event on Wednesday, Oct.19. It will be from 7-9 p.m. at the Malcolm X Center. They are teaming up with Sigma Lambda Gamma, Latinos Unidos, and Sweets N’ More to bring a night of sweets, refreshments, “bra pong,” card making, raffles, giveaways, & more.

How does PINK keep you active? There is also an awesome social media contest from Monday, Oct. 17 until Sunday, Oct. 23—the winner gets an amazing LCJ wireless speaker! The rules are to post a picture of you doing something active wearing PINK gear on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @UMassPINK and hashtag #UMassPINK. There is also a “Wear Anywhere” bra movement event that’s happening on Sunday, Oct. 30 at the Holyoke Mall. More details will be featured on the social media accounts soon!

Be sure to follow UMass PINK on all social media platforms to stay up-to-date on events and giveaways! Also, start stocking up on all the cutest UMass gear on their website and in stores.

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