I Tried the Innisfree Welcome Kit and My Skin Has Some Thoughts

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From freezing temperatures to brutal winds, the winter is not a fun time for our skin. The cold, dry air makes it incredibly difficult to retain moisture, hence the chapped lips and the dull, flaky skin that some of us (including yours truly) suffer from during these chilly months. So when I received the Innisfree Welcome Kit, which includes a hydrating sheet mask, serum, eye cream, and face cream I was excited and relieved that I could finally give my skin the hydration it so desperately needed. 

Face Mask

Using the “My real squeeze mask” was the recommended first step in this skin care routine. The instructions said to cleanse and tone my face before using, which I already do anyway on my own. Rather than your traditional clay mask, it was surprising to instead find a sheet mask fully drenched in the hydrating ingredients (side note: try to refrain from opening your sheet mask above your electronics or valuables on your desk, because it will drip). I wore the mask for about 20 minutes as instructed, which was more than enough time for me to start feeling a cooling and rather relaxing sensation against my skin. 

Hydrating Serum

The next product I used was the intensive Innisfree Green Tea Seed Hydrating Serum. It felt silky and smooth against my skin, and I only needed a drop of the product to feel the full effect. Unlike other serums I've tried in the past, it didn't feel too watery or oily and I could actually tell it was doing something to my face. 

Eye Cream

After the serum was completely absorbed into my skin, I applied the Intensive Hydrating Eye Cream. I was the most intrigued by this product because I've never used an eye cream before. I rubbed it over the dark circles underneath my eyes (courtesy of lack of sleep during midterm season) as well as over my brow bone. I was surprised at how supple and hydrated my eye area felt almost immediately after applying the cream and the cool, earthy fragrance of the green tea really helped to revatilize my skin.

Intensive Hydrating Cream

Lastly, I applied the final step to this skin care routine: the Intensive Hydrating Cream. Honeslty, if I had to cut any of these products out, it would be this one. At this point after applying the mask, serum, and eye cream, I felt that my once dry and dull skin already looked extremely glowy and dewey. However, to get the full effect, I applied the cream anyway on the extra dry parts of my face (around my nose and forehead). 


Overall, these products definitely made a difference for my skin, which was evident the next day when I looked in the mirror. Even after braving harsh winds and the frigid temperature all day, my skin didn't feel tight or dry. Rather, I had an extra radiant glow that was leftover from the night before (when I FaceTimed my dad a few minutes after using the products, he said my face looked "shiny"). However, I did notice a few red blemishes peaking out around my nose and under my eyes, which is where I applied the two creams. These products claimed to work for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, but it's possible that the heavy hydrating creams were too much for my skin to handle. Thankfully, these blemishes went away quickly, but it did make me too nervous to try using the creams again. Despite the few bumps (literally) in the road, I definitely think the Innisfree Welcome Kit products were high-quality and it carried out on their promise to hydrate and moisturize dry skin. I can't wait to try more from Innisfree's amazing skincare line!

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