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I Tried Every Nespresso Pod: An Official Ranking from a Self-Proclaimed Coffee Connoisseur

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I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I am addicted to coffee. As an exhausted and overworked college student, I firmly believe that it is a right of passage to consume an ungodly amount of caffeine, even when I’ve already had multiple cups. If we’re being completely honest, addicted is an understatement…my body runs on all things caffeine. From iced coffee, hot chocolate, and even the occasional green tea, I can never get enough.

Thus comes the greatest purchase of my life, my Nespresso Machine. This college-friendly machine has drastically changed the scope of coffee-making and makes my busy mornings completely foolproof and mess free!

Over the past four years with this miracle contraption, I have set out to try *almost* every flavor that Nespresso puts out. From “seasonal delights” to “barista creations”, Nespresso is consistently crafting new delicacies to entice coffee lovers like myself. Here are my highest rated flavors that start my mornings out on the right caffeine-fueled foot!


Coming in at number one is Nespresso’s signature creation, Chiaro. Blending different buttery notes to create a sweet biscuit-like taste, Chiaro combines all of my favorite sweet treats into a tasty shot of espresso. Paired with some dairy-free milk and flavored creamer, this pod acts as the perfect dessert at breakfast!


Another basic flavor (but beloved for a reason)! Caramel flavored coffees never fail to make my 20-year-old heart incredibly happy, so when I learned that Nespresso had this flavor, I had to try.

Seriously, this one is no joke.

A sweet and creamy flavor is combined with warmer notes of biscuit to create the most delicious creation ever. Dare I say that it is better than my $7.00 Starbucks coffee?


Definitely stronger than the first two pods, Roma is a combination of woody notes that work to jolt me awake in the morning. Weirdly enough, you can actually taste the earthy flavors, and I honestly love it.

If you’re looking for a strong pod to wake you up in the morning, this is the one for you!


Nespresso was very original with their rendition of Vanilla, and I’m honestly here for it. Vaniglia is similar to Chiaro in the sense that it is very warm and buttery, but this one is much lighter and custard-like. It almost reminds me of the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from Starbucks, just more affordable!


Nespresso’s so called “sister” to Chiaro, Scuro is such a simple yet delicately crafted espresso that works best with some flavored creamer! This one reminds me of the Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso from Starbucks and I love to pair it with some homemade cold foam.

I find this one to be slightly less strong than the other flavors, so I typically brew two shots over ice rather than one. The more the merrier!

Stockholm Fortissio

If you’re looking for a strong dark roast, this is the one for you! A part of Nespresso’s “World Explorations” collection, this flavor originates directly from Stockholm and delivers a rich and full body experience. When I’m feeling lazy and want a simple, sugar-free latte, this is the one I reach for.

Better yet, it has the most beautiful ornate design of all of the pods!

Genova Livanto

Last but most certainly not least, another “World Explorations” delicacy coming straight from Italy is Genova Livanto! Another strong flavor that is an acquired taste, Genova Livanto is both rich and creamy while combining notes of cinnamon and sugar. The best comparison I can think of is to General Mills’s “Cinnamon Toast Crunch”. The two not only taste delicious together, but serve as the perfect incentive to make me look forward to mornings!

As a bonus, you can boast that you’ve had authentic Italian espresso!

Although there are dozens of Nespresso flavors that deserve recognition, these flavors are easily the best that I guarantee anyone would like!

Try pairing them with different variations of milks and creamers and have fun with it. Experimentation is the best, especially when it comes to coffee. Happy brewing!

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