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I Have No Motivation to Attend Zoom U -Here’s What I’m Doing About It.

Whether your fall 2020 is completely remote, a hybrid format, or in person, chances are, things are nothing like they were before. And you’ve probably changed along with it. Learning behind a screen is a lot different than learning in a traditional classroom. There’s much more freedom and agency, but much less accountability; this is especially true if your classes are totally asynchronous. If you’re anything like me, the lectures on zoom have given you a sense of restlessness (especially those breakout rooms) and you’re so ready for it to be over. So, I have no motivation to attend Zoom University or any of its constituents. Here’s what I’m doing to change that.

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1. Make a schedule and stick to it (but do NOT follow the same routine everyday)

This is honestly probably the hardest part, but it has to be done in order for anything else to happen. Try to make a schedule for each day around your other responsibilities such as work or family. If that’s too rigid, make a to-do list and actually get through all of it by the end of the day. Most people feel unmotivated following the same routine everyday, so try to shake things up in places that you can.

2. Take frequent breaks

Take breaks when you feel like you need to, and don’t feel like you have to work harder than you normally would. I really like following the pomodoro method, where you work for increments of 25 minutes and rest for 5. There are several apps that will help keep you on task during the 25 minutes (some will even lock your phone until you’re done!) 

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3. Change your location

To prevent complacency with your routine, I recommend switching up where you attend your classes. A new environment can induce excitement and motivation just because of the novelty of it all. Stay safe, but try to study in different locations (it could even be within your house). No matter where you choose, you’ll want to avoid places with too many distractions.

4. Phone a friend

If you don’t trust yourself to get out of bed, maybe your friends have got your back. Set up a system where you and your friends hold each other accountable -no matter how far away you are from each other. 

For me, the most important thing is to remember that this, like everything else, is all temporary and things will get back to normal. But in the meantime, we all have control to make it easier.


Nadyah is a Philosophy and Microbiology major at the University of Massachusetts. She loves listening to the sound of rain, taking afternoon naps, and sipping hot chocolate on a chilly evening.
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