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How to Work a Scarf in the Spring

What if your favorite accessory is about to be out of season? Scarves are a cold weather accessory, right? Wrong! You can work them even into the spring.

Certain patterns, colors, fabrics, and styles help you rock a scarf even in the warmer weather. Different shapes keep your outfit exciting, whether you are wearing them with a short-sleeved shirt, tank top, or light sweater to add some pop to your outfit. The only difference between wearing a scarf in the spring is that it isn’t there for functionality. You don’t need to keep your neck warm, you just want to look cute!

Check out these springy, stylish patterns to make the most of the season:

Flowers, Stripes, Colorful Patterns

Bright or Light Colors or Pastels

Polyester or another light material

Happy Spring Styling, Collegiettes!

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Karen Podorefsky

U Mass Amherst

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