How to Make UMass Your Home Away From Home

The adjustment from that home that’s far too familiar to college can be a tricky leap for some! For those of you who are having a tough time adjusting, here are some tips to help your dorm room feel more homely.

1. Bring Pictures.

Bring those baby pictures that you look so goofy in and those pictures with old friends where you looked so bad with that haircut or your amateur photography. Bring anything and everything that you have because when you look at this pictures taped to your walls or sitting in frames you’ll always be brought back to those times and those people you’re so fond of.

2. Dab into interior design.

Whether it’s wallpapering with that wrapping paper you found or adding some accent pillows or even rugs, your personal touches will make your dorm room away look less like a drab prison cell and more like a bedroom - your bedroom to be more specific.

3. Choose to grow a plant.

Whether it’s a cactus that requires minimal effort or that sunflower you’ve always wanted to grow, plants are fun. You can grow with this plant through your four years or more in college. As a bonus, plants are charming décor.

4. Bring Your Favorite Things.

This broad category entails those books you loved or tea and snacks that you can’t live without. These little details will remind you of home and act as tangible reminders of who you are and what you love.

5. Befriend Your Floormates.

Make a conscious effort to connect with your neighbors and hall-mates because these will be the people that you see every day, just like you did with your family at home. It’s in your best interest as they’ll be the doors you can knock on at any hour to help you.

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