How to make the most out of the year even in November

It’s that time of the year again — when the days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and of course, schoo's getting more stressful. If you’re anything like me, that old, familiar panic and uneasiness starts creeping up on you right about now. Midterms, group work, finding an internship/job, figuring out what to do for next summer, and just life in general can take a toll on you. And of course, whether you managed to accomplish your 2019 New Years resolution or not affects your view on how you fared this year. 


It’s totally normal to feel like this when so many things are coming up all at once. If you looked back positively on most of 2019, great! If you don’t, fret not. You still have time! Here are tips to #takeback2019.

Start using planning tools.

If you haven’t already been doing it, note down everything! Take special note of milestones like class registration dates, final exams and first day of classes for the spring semester. Planning on what to do for these dates is crucial, especially in college! You can go traditional and get organized through notebook planners or physical calendars. Alternatively, you can use a calendar tool designed specifically for students, ‘My Study Life’ (available on mobile and web). Or you can use Todoist, a digital to-do list that gives you clarity in this hectic period. 

Have a backup plan when you feel like you’re losing steam.

Step back for a moment if you're encountering difficulty studying for exams or have a tight deadline at work. Feel your emotions and try to sense when it is time to step back and change strategies. For college seniors out there, if you find that emailing people doesn’t elicit many responses, try shifting the way you connect with people. Try reaching out in person to add a personal touch and ask for any leads. Make use of a variety of job portals and social media to compare which is the most effective. If you don’t know, go out of your comfort zone and ask. 

Get comfortable with yourself; understand your wellbeing and stress levels.

During this busy period, be aware of what your body is telling you. The November blues is as real as S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If you find that you’re doing things slower in colder, gloomier weather, try switching up your routine. Exercise is always a good start, and always good for you. It feels good to get active after a long day sitting at a desk. While you’re at it, switch up your work out routine too — I alternate between swimming and running and have tried other options like self-defence training: useful and fun!  

Stop feeling guilty when you can’t do it all. This is easier said than done.

That guilty feeling that we all know stems from comparing ourselves to others. At some point it isn’t healthy to harbor these thoughts and emotions and we have to learn to let go. Know that this feeling will pass and you can get through it!


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