How To Keep the Spark Alive in Your Long Distance Relationship

Let me put myself in your shoes for a second…you might have recently moved away from your S.O. for college or work, or you’ve been long-distance for months to years. You’re probably missing your boo so much right now and want to keep the relationship equally as exciting as it is when you're together, right?

Well, you're in luck girl, you came to the right place! As someone recently separated from her man by a few hour's drive, I’ve come up with a few ways to make the distance feel so much less horrible than people say. Spoiler alert – long distance is not only doable but honestly enjoyable in its own way!

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels First things first, which can seem almost obvious, is prioritizing communication. Texting, FaceTiming, and even sending memes and cute Tik Toks are all really accessible ways to talk to your partner throughout the day! They are only as far as a click of a button, so even if you can’t physically be with them you can still see and talk to them whenever both of you are free! My #1 virtual tip is to plan FaceTime dates. Hear me out: plan a Friday night dinner, dress up, get your favorite food, sit down with your boyfriend/girlfriend virtually, and enjoy a fancy dinner date from the comfort of your own home! Even better, thanks to Netflix Party, which is a Chrome extension for your computer that is super easy to install, you can even watch TV shows and movies in real-time with your bae…except no need to fight over the blanket or what snacks you’re going to munch on!

couple Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash Snail mail can also be your best friend for cute reminders that you’re still thinking of your boo from afar. Sending letters, care packages with comfort food and stuffed animals, or even flowers if you’re feeling extra romantic really shows your partner how much you love and miss them. And even better, if you can afford it, ship yourself out and surprise them at home or work! Just make sure to record their reaction for a cute memory and a subtle flex if you post it later on the ‘gram.

And of course, you can’t forget about those intimate moments that can feel ever so lacking when you can’t be with your S.O., but don’t worry girl, I got you on that too. As long as both parties are comfortable and give consent, send your partner some sexier photos when you’re feeling some type of way. Dress up (or down), snap a mirror selfie to your bae, and see how quickly they FaceTime you begging for more!

Honestly, long-distance isn't all that bad. Sometimes it’s nice to get your own space and focus on yourself, friends, and school. Just know that at the end of the day, they miss you as much as you do. Sooner than you know it, you’ll be back in their arms and all that time apart will be oh so worth it.