How to Handle the Bloodbath Otherwise Known as "Getting Beyonce Tickets"

Beyonce’s Formation World Tour was announced early February and all hell broke loose. Besides those who don’t know the difference between hating cops and protesting police brutality to black America, basically everyone in the world is trying to attend this concert. So, if you’re one of the chosen ones who acquired tickets, you don’t have the right to complain about anything in the world ever again. For the rest of us, we need to get to work. There is a lot you have to keep in mind before getting tickets to the greatest tour of the 21st century.

To begin, I must tell you I went through four different pre-sales and one regular sale, had a second show added to the venue I’m going to, and I still don't have tickets. It literally felt as if every morning I woke up to find out I lost the Powerball. Those sites sold out faster than humanly possible, which means one of two things: a lot of aliens are gonna be getting in formation or ticket scalpers are not real humans. I’m going with the latter.

Even though the tickets were already expensive originally, the resale prices are ridiculous. A good floor seat could buy you approximately 5 dogs, 10 steak dinners, and a Range Rover. So if you weren’t blessed or skilled enough to find seats during one of the sales, there’s still some routes you could take.

First off, buy one now and sell one of your organs on the black market to afford it. Who needs a liver when you could have floor seats? Totally worth the Instagram pictures you’ll post after the show. Second option, wait until just a few hours before the show. This is risky but as the hours approach, the last remaining tickets will get cheaper and cheaper because the seller will get desperate. Don’t get too confident though, because these sellers know what you’re trying to pull off, and they know that you're desperate too and will eventually cave.

Which brings us to the best option: what I like to refer to as the one month wait. The one month wait is simple concert resale math. Right after the sale, the ticket prices are going to be the highest they will ever be. This is because they have a long amount of time between the sale and the concert to see who’s anxious (and rich) enough to afford these prices. In about a month’s time, the immediate "oh my god Beyonce's going on tour, if I don’t get tickets right now I’ll never smile again" buzz dies down. This gets some of the sellers antsy to get some revenue, so they lower the prices. The hardballs are going to wait it out longer, and those are the guys you will be buying from right before the concert--and since they’ve been stubborn for months about lowering the price, they’re not going to be easy to bargain with.

In the end, the most important thing to remember while buying Formation tickets is that patience is a virtue. Good tickets will come your way with time. Even with the fact that the one month wait tickets are probably going to be your best deal, you have to come to the conclusion that yes, they will be expensive. At least more expensive than face value. My only advice for this is to set up a kickstarter or something--“19 Year Old Girl's Dreams Will Be Crushed If She Can’t Be Touched By The Presence of the Queen--Donate Now!” People love kickstarters!


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