How to Deal with the FOMO of Not Going Abroad

It’s application season for anyone who plans on going abroad Spring semester, and for those of us who aren’t, it’s tough. Everyone is talking about all of the places that they can go, what their different programs are, and how much it is going to change their life. There are many different reasons why people end up not going abroad, and if you have one of those reasons, here are some tips on how to deal with the FOMO.


1.  Realize All of the Great Opportunities You Have At Your Own School!

Although it may seem as if there is going to be nothing that you have to do at your own school, there are so many different options for you! Many schools have two week long Summer abroad programs, as well as different mission trips over both winter and summer breaks.


2. The Money That You Will Be Saving

Going abroad is going to cost you a lot of money. With the travelling you will be doing, eating out more, and partying, you are definitely going to spend more than you would if you did not go abroad. When you don’t go abroad, you can save this money for post-grad travels instead!

3. The Class Opportunities You Have 

There are only so many classes that you can take when you go abroad. There are limited course requirements which can be hard to get classes that will count towards your degree. If you are staying home instead of going abroad, maybe try getting the last of those pesky gen-eds out of the way, or look into taking classes through the Five College Interchange program offered at UMass. 


4. The People Who Are Abroad Fall Semester Will Be Coming Home!

So many people choose to go abroad Fall semester and return for their Spring semester of the year. There are so many people who are going to be returning that you will be able to catch up with and spend time with. There are also going to be so many people who you have not met yet that will be returning and it is a great opportunity to make new friends and meet new people who are returning from abroad!


5. Free Place To Stay For Spring Break And A Great Reason to Visit

The last reason, which quite frankly could be the best reason, is that when your close friends go abroad, you have an excuse to travel and a free place to stay when you go visit them! Many people who go abroad end up staying in either dorm or apartment style living, and if you’re lucky, they will welcome you into their temporary home to stay for free! By the time spring break hits, your friend will have had their bearings around this new country and be able to take you to all of the best spots and show you around for a vacation!

In the end, watching your friends go abroad is definitely going to be hard, but if you think about all of the positives of not going abroad, you will still have an awesome semester staying at an awesome school!

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