How Coronavirus Should Politically Influence You

Firstly, let’s have a look at how our president responded to the crisis. In a CNBC interview, despite the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) announcing Covid-19 as a high global risk, the president casually dismissed the idea of the situation getting worse. When President Trump addressed the issue of the alarming pandemic at a New Hampshire rally on February 10, he brushed it off as likely to just disappear. When asked in a briefing with the airline CEO’s if it was safe for Americans to continue to take flights, President Trump responded, “Yes, it’s safe”. 

Photo  Ff3Dcede9477 History in HD / Unsplash The takeaway from all this is that the U.S. President downplayed the severity of the coronavirus as a threat. Trump’s administration failed to stop the coronavirus outbreak from spreading, and many are losing their lives as a result.

In this time of the high risk of contracting a disease like COVID-19, the most apparent problem is one concerning healthcare. And now with Covid-19 putting millions of Americans out of jobs, having health insurance tied to employment doesn’t seem like such a great system anymore. It’s unclear how any American citizen can witness the events transpiring now and not come to believe that healthcare should be a right in this country like it is in others. It’s a twisted system that needs reform. That leads to another point: the 2020 election.

The economy is hurt because of our capitalistic society’s failure to properly accommodate people in this hard time, and it’s leading to a recession even worse than in 2008. So, this election’s an especially important one to deal with the impact of Coronavirus. One Democratic presidential candidate remains, Joe Biden. Biden must work hard if he is to earn the progressive vote; as it stands, the Democratic party is far too divided to succeed over Trump in the presidential election. It's imperative to consider Biden’s and Trump’s policies as we live through this crisis. The entire nation should be looking to them to see how they lead in times like these.

statue of liberty new york city Pixabay / Pexels

Joe Biden has plans to address areas that people may find unsatisfactory under Trump’s presidency. Biden's website explains his plan to keep insurance companies from setting annual or lifetime limits on health insurance. He also lists out stances of wanting to fix artificial inflation in the pharmaceutical industry and allow access to abortion and other services as a right. Every voter should be informed on his climate change and Patriot Act stances as well, to name a few. What mustn’t be swept under the rug is the recent sexual assault allegation that’s come out against Biden. The graphic story of Biden’s former staffer, Tara Reade, and the lack of media buzz surrounding it is a shocking reminder that power can be maintained in this political climate, despite sexual assault allegations.


It was by the primaries on March 17 that some concerns were raised about the efficiency and safety of the polling stations in these states and the ability of citizens to vote. Tweets from an election judge showed that the voting process has been less than fair.

The point about all this information is that every American citizen should remain informed about the politicians running the country and do research on every candidate. Does your candidate have a track record you agree with? You could refuse to vote either for Biden or Trump in the general election, but keep in mind that this election is about more than them; it’s about the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, mass shootings and gun laws, Earth’s climate, reproductive rights, L.G.B.T.Q. rights, healthcare, and protecting minorities. Keep in mind that this election is one that many can’t afford to stand at the sidelines of.

If the outbreak of the coronavirus is to teach us anything, let it teach us that we have the power to choose our future and who we want to lead. Take a good look at how those in charge have responded to the situation we currently face and ask if you’re happy. Let Coronavirus inspire you to take action. Make donations, raise awareness, protect the immunocompromised, support one another during this crisis, and most importantly, vote.


All images are courtesy of the Her Campus Media Library.