How (and Why) to Appreciate the Holidays This Year, From an Actual Grinch

So, you hate the holidays. Whether you hate the small talk with family members, can’t stand the uppity jolly atmosphere, or Christmas carols make you want to rip your ears out, almost everyone “hates” the holidays at some point, but there’s a few of us that hate the holidays.  

But of course, this year will be drastically different. We may still get the dreadful Christmas carols, but you might not get the awkward family conversations - or any at all for that matter. Here’s some things you can do to actually enjoy the holiday, especially in times like this.

Spotify on iPhone Photo by Fixelgraphy from Unsplash

Turn off your phone

Social media can be great in many ways. We get to share the the moments most important to us with the people most important to us. But it can also harbor negative feelings such as jealousy and inadequacy. Social media gives us certain expectations on how life should be, especially during the holidays. Do yourself a favor and hold off on all the decadent Christmas posts until after the matter of fact.

Do what you want 

Okay, you may have some unavoidable commitments, but besides for that, you can do what you want on Christmas and Thanksgiving, and that’s the magic of it. You don’t have to watch sappy Christmas movies (and if you do, you’re free to laugh about it later). It’s not always necessary to force yourself to enjoy festivities, but instead to accept that a lot of people do like these things. Remember that there are 24 hours in a day - that leaves a lot of time to listen to anti holiday music if you’re totally over it.

Christmas Presents Photo by Mel Poole from Unsplash

Plan ahead

Stress is one of the main reasons people hate the holidays. The amount of things you have to do and buy can become overwhelming. Plan ahead, and trust me, you’ll thank yourself later. Now that Thanksgiving has surpassed us, make to-do lists for all the things you need to do before Christmas, and do it early.

If you hate the holidays, you're probably doing it wrong. The point is, there is no right way to do the holidays. It's the little things that counts, and life is way too short to not make a big deal out of the little things.