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Harry Styles Eras as UMass Amherst Residential Areas

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at U Mass Amherst chapter.

The University of Massachusetts Amherst has six residential areas (Southwest, Northeast, Central, Orchard Hill, Commonwealth Honors College, and Sylvan), but what tour guides, professors, and the website don’t tell you is that each residential area has its own personality. So let’s describe each residential area in the best way possible, with Harry Styles Eras.

Commonwealth Honors College (CHC)

Arguably one of his best phases, I am going to describe the CHC as the Prince Hair Harry stage. In this era, Harry always looked very sophisticated and put together, and handsome. Just like the CHC students, smart and put together (at least from what I know). Not to mention, it’s also one of Harry’s most aesthetically pleasing phases and I don’t think there is any residential area that even comes close to how beautiful the CHC is.


Sylvan easily falls within the Quarantine Harry Era. It just makes sense, Sylvan is very detached from a lot of campus and most other residential areas, just as Harry was detached from the world and all of his fans during quarantine. Sylvan gives the vibe that they are going to do their own thing and they won’t go out of their way to see you; they keep to themselves. Also, most students in Sylvan did not want to live in Sylvan, just like I am sure Harry did not want to be in quarantine and wanted to be making and performing his music.

Orchard Hill

Okay, hear me out — I would say that Orchard Hill would be best described as Live on Tour Harry. The Live on Tour Era is one of the most underrated Harry eras in my opinion. This era was fun, and Harry had some of the coolest outfits. He also had a lot of great rock songs on his first album. I would also describe Orchard Hill as underrated. Orchard Hill is set up on a huge hill and has some very beautiful scenery and really nice dorm rooms. I think that if people took the walk up the hill they would really love it, just like if people gave Live on Tour Harry a bigger chance.


Long Hair Harry — people love long hair Harry and say it was their favorite look and some people completely disagree and did not like the long hair. It was a controversial haircut at the time. Northeast — some people love it and talk about how it has the best location of all of the residential areas at UMass Amherst and some people hate it, saying that the buildings are very old and run down. It seems that there are a lot of mixed opinions about both Northeast and Long-Haired Harry alike.


Bandana Harry — Central seems to keep mainly to itself and is set a little far back, but most people living at Central are usually described as artistic and chill. At the time, wearing a bandana was a pretty artsy move on Harry’s part and people loved it. Nobody has anything bad to say about bandanna Harry; it’s not usually people’s favorite era, but it is nonetheless a very good one. Most people seem to be very indifferent to Central if they don’t live there, so the two seem like a perfect fit.


Last but not least, and definitely the most undeniable and obvious pairings. Frat Boy Harry. Chances are if you live in Southwest you love a good party and you probably spend most of your weekend nights at a frat. Southwest is most people’s first choice and people truly love living there. Everyone, and I seriously mean everyone (or at least people who love Harry Styles), love Frat boy Harry. I mean how could you not? He’s cute, fun, and energetic.

As you can see, Harry Styles and UMass Amherst are not really that different — I am just kidding, but seriously I am starting to think that maybe the best way to describe the residential areas is through Harry Styles eras.

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Jolie Leavitt

U Mass Amherst '25

Jolie is a Sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, majoring in Legal Studies with a Business minor. Some things she loves is reading, travel, female empowerment, music, and anything Harry Styles or One direction.