HALF UNITED fighting to end hunger

Have you ever felt a little guilty after going shopping? HALF UNITED is a brand that will make you feel good (inside and out) after a purchase.

HALF UNITED was founded in 2009 on only two hundred dollars by a brother and sister duo. Carmin and Christian Black grew up exposed to community service and the fashion industry. After pursuing individual careers with TOMS Shoes (Carmin) and designing (Christian), they banned together to found HALF UNITED. HALF UNITED is an apparel and accessories company that combines their two passions of fashion and philanthropy.  


Half of every product’s profit goes directly towards feeding impoverished children through partnerships with NGO’s domestically, as well as globally. In developing nations, less than a dollar a day will provide a child with healthy meals. HALF UNITED plants school gardens, adopts neighborhoods, hosts food drives, gives lunch meals to children in developing nations, hosts food outreach programs, and even delivers meals directly to impoverished children.

Through affordable and cute clothing and accessories, HALF UNITED supports and empowers children around the world, doing their “HALF to make sure a hungry belly is the last thing they ever have to worry about.”

Do your part in fighting hunger by purchasing from