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“Grey’s Anatomy” Characters as Blue Wall Orders

Frankly, I think you can tell a lot about a person from their regular order at Blue Wall. Are they willing to brave the inevitable line at Tamales? Do they blast the music in their headphones and miss their order being called? Are they one of those people with enough YCMPs to actually get dessert? So many questions. After watching Grey’s Anatomy at least fifty times over (or so my roommate says…) I’m pretty confident in my expectations of what their hypothetical Blue Wall habits would be.

Meredith Grey – Nachos from Tamales

This meal feels just right for Meredith for a lot of reasons — it’s not really practical, they’re kind of messy, but they taste so good. She seems like a white rice, no beans, and chicken kind of person. The inevitable and obscenely long line for Tamales also feels like the perfect place for her to zone out and be with her own thoughts. 

Cristina Yang – Hummus Bowl with Chicken from Tavola

Cristina definitely thinks Tavola is the most underrated of all the Blue Wall options, but she never tells anyone that because she doesn’t want everyone to start clogging up the line. The hummus bowl is a balanced, filling, and delicious lunch to get her through the day, and I think she would get some dolmas on the side.

Alex Karev – Hatch Burger with Onion Rings from The Grill

I don’t think I even have to explain this one. I can very clearly picture Alex taking a huge bite of this burger and getting sauce all over his face. He’s definitely the kind of person who would drizzle ketchup all over their french fries instead of on the side, but I think he gets onion rings and eats them plain.

Izzie Stevens – Blue Wall Power Salad from Green Fields

We know Izzie likes to eat a lot to keep up her energy, and I think she would want to get this salad because it’s loaded with so many toppings. She definitely gets the breaded chicken instead of the grilled, and I feel like she’s the only person in years who’s actually bought a piece of fruit at the register. 

George O’Malley – Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich from Deli Delish

George is a man who enjoys the simple things in life — like a good sandwich for lunch. He’s definitely the kind of guy who becomes friends with the employees who always work when he comes in, and he’s most definitely notorious for missing his number when it’s called out and getting his food taken by someone else. 

April Kepner – Tofu Pho from Star Ginger

April was definitely permanently scarred from her first time ordering the pho at Star Ginger. She didn’t know the protein options, she didn’t know to take her receipt, and she didn’t grab her fountain drink cup. While she ate that day, she rehearsed exactly what she needed to do and say when she ordered, while also drafting an email to the UMass Dining managers to request a sign with the pho options be put up. 

Jackson Avery – Poke Bowl AND a Rainbow Roll from Wasabi

Jackson is bougie with no budget, and he has no regard for his YCMPs or dining dollars. He gets sushi alongside his poke bowl so that he’s full from lunch, and has no idea that he’s paying nearly $20 for it. He also gets his eel sauce and spicy mayo on the side in the little condiment cups instead of drizzling it on top. 

We get to watch all the characters have lunch together so often on the show and I think it’s so fun to think about them at Blue Wall instead. I think they would definitely sit together at one of the high-top tables near Paciugo, and leave their table an absolute mess when they leave. Honestly, I could probably do this for every single character, but we’ll leave it here for now!

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