Greek Life: How To Be A Sorority Leader

Sororities are a great way to get involved. As soon as I joined a sorority I knew I wanted to hold a leadership position! I began attending any and all events that I could. I took on small positions like historian and various committee positions. I knew I wanted to make a bigger difference. When the time came around for slating, I put my name down to accept a position. I wanted to be a leader in the chapter. I wanted something bigger like President, Recruitment Chair, Scholarship, etc. But the big question when going into a position like this is, how can you ensure that you will successfully transition into the role?

We frequently assume that a leadership position is all about how it will benefit us. We get the work done so the chapter sees our hard work and how we carried out our duties. It is of course wonderful that we do, but not necessarily a good way to demonstrate that you care about the chapter over yourself. The best way to show you care is by focusing on your chapter's weaknesses that fall under your leadership position.

For example, as Social Chair, your chapter may have a problem agreeing on theme ideas. Work over the fall semester to really encourage your chapter to try new things and hang out with other chapters. If you are sisterhood chair, get out of your comfort zone and really focus on encouraging positive environments for your members to bond with each other. Hold interesting activities that will keep the sisters busy and not bored. And to all positions, have fun with your role! Sometimes being too serious can come off as power hungry. In the end, this will not only make your chapter better, but will also demonstrate that you care about the members as well.

It’s important to put your chapter before your personal gains. It is the best way that you can show that you want to do more for the chapter. Other members will see this and remember it when you run for bigger positions. Remember what your areas of strength are when it comes to running for chapter positions. Sign up for what you would truly enjoy. It can be hard to do, but keep in mind that you should genuinely want to help the chapter, not just want to be President.