'Grace and Frankie': Not Just a Show for Your Mom or Grandma

"Grace and Frankie." A show about two older women whose husbands leave them for each other. Not something a college student would necessarily be interested in, but something that they should definitely give a chance. This show is a lot more than that basic plot line — and here’s why.

Big Names. The two lead roles are played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, who both have found huge success in the television and film industry. Alone, these two women have accomplished so much and have starred in numerous big name films. They are both fantastically funny women individually, but together they are even better.

Friendship goals. Grace and Frankie weren’t always friends, but they tolerated each other when they were forced to socialize. But in the aftermath of their sudden life style changes, they found solace in each other, and a friendship grew from there. They are supportive of one another, and help each other move on and live their lives because they know exactly what the other is going through. They might be in their seventies, but they are definitely young at heart. They dance on bars and give each other advice; if that’s not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

Family. Each woman has her own family, but since they are both going through the same thing, they try to figure it out together. Frankie’s sons are both adopted, while Grace’s two daughters are her own. There is no difference in the love that these two families have for each other. The show also portrays different relationships within a family, and between two extremely close families.

The Kids. Grace and Frankie’s children are all grown adults, but together can be the funniest part of the 30 minutes. One of Grace's daughters, Bree, is extraordinarily funny when put into situations with one of Frankie's sons, Bud. Their interactions bring them and the viewers back to childhood and brother versus sister feuds, something anyone with a sibling will understand. Each one of the four kids bring something different to the show and truly make it what it is, from the facial expressions to the short quips to the friendships that they have.

Beach Views. Grace and Frankie leave the homes they have lived in for forty years and move to a shared beachfront home. This house is right on the shore and is absolute vacation home goals. The beach itself is gorgeous, but the interior to the house is something you wish you could live in.

Even though this show is targeted towards middle-aged woman, it is one that everyone can enjoy. For all of the reasons above, this is a show that you should give a chance. It’s funny, it’s quick, and it’s relatable, even though Grace and Frankie are thrown into a situation that isn't necessarily common. It’s a Netflix original and the episodes are only 30 minutes each, so it’s a nice, easy watch at the end of the day.

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