The Government Shutdown As Told By Grey's Anatomy

One thing that sucks about being in college (and kind of an adult) is having to understand all the political mumbo-jumbo going on (especially since we're not even sure that the politicians understand it). No worries, though! With the latest government shutdown, we got Grey's Anatomy to talk us through it!

  1. Obama and Congress could not agree on a budget.

  2. This is kinda what we picture them like:

  3. Anyways, October 1st is the day the budget is due, and since they can't agree it means a Government Shutdown

  4. It's okay, we had no idea what that meant either

  5. Government shutdown means that since Congress and Obama can't agree on a budget, there is no money that can be used.

  6. Obama says he's excited to work out a compromise with Congress

  7. What does this mean for us college girls?

  8. National Parks are shut down, no passports will be issued for a while, and most federal employees will get some uhm...unpaid vacation time?

  9. Mail will still be delivered, taxes will still be collected, and Obama and Congress will still collect checks

    (I suppose that's why you guys still get paid right?)

  10. Perhaps the biggest issue with this is how long it'll last. The longer it lasts the more of a negative effect it'll have on our economy

  11. So let's hope these boys get over their egos soon

  12. And work it all out

  13. Until then though, I know what I'll be doing