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A GIF Story: My Best Friend is Studying Abroad

When I first found out my best friend planned on studying abroad, we were both so excited…
But then reality hit me when I realized that I was going to have to spend a whole semester without her.
The last time I saw her before she left, I was a mess.
I even tried to fit in her luggage…
And I couldn’t put my phone down until I knew her plane arrived safely.
I stalk Facebook obsessively to see the pictures of all the fabulous sights she’s seeing.
And when I see her posting pictures with cute, foreign boys…
I can’t help but get jealous of her posting pictures by the pool and I’m stuck in the snow like…
I spend a good part of my day daydreaming about living vicariously through my best friend.
I get really excited when I can Skype with her, even if it isn’t for too long.
I’m counting down the days until we are reunited…
And I’m constantly thinking about the day she’s back home!
I wonder what exotic present she’ll bring back for me ;)
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Michele Thorkelsen

U Mass Amherst

Michele is in her third year at the University of Massachusetts, where she is studying journalism and information technology. She is also a brother of Phi Sigma Pi, a national co-ed honor fraternity.
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