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A GIF Story: Love Advice from the Characters of Parks and Recreation

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Are you looking for love? Trying to get a shaky relationship back on its feet? Maybe you are recovering from an earth-shattering break up? No matter what your romantic issue may be, the characters on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” have the tips you need to navigate your love life.

Guys love when you make the first move.

Relationships aren’t for everyone.

Because sometimes you’ve just got to do you.

Pick up lines always work.

Except for when they don’t.

Confidence is key to moving your relationship to that next level.

Long distance relationships can work.

And sometimes they don’t.

But remember that it is always socially acceptable to have crushes on fictitious characters that set impossible standards.

Working relationships take sacrifice.

But the best couples know what makes their loved one tick.

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Kristin LaFratta

U Mass Amherst

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