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The leaves are changing colors and it’s pumpkin spice season! The weather has officially gotten cooler, calling for some new and trendy fall fits perfect for any occasion. After all we have gone through this year, some “Friends” themed outfits may be just what we need to place us into the spirit of this season! As some of us know, Rachel Green is the iconic fashionista inspiring her friends everyday with the newest trends and styles. Monica Geller, Rachel’s roommate, also has some unique styles of her own!

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I will of course start with the queen herself, Rachel. Starting with a small job at Fortunata Fashions and eventually landing an elite position at New York City’s Ralph Lauren, she truly knows her way around a fall wardrobe. During the fall season, you could always catch Rachel in velvet dresses, skirts with tights, trendy sweaters, and a cute pair of booties to complete the look. This fall, try some new outfit combinations that Rachel would! Throw on a pair of black tights with your skirt or dress, wear a pair of boots to dress up an outfit, and style your sweaters with a cute pair of jeans or sweatpants. These looks are perfect for attending zoom university (lol), going out to eat with friends, and doing fun fall activities like apple picking or pumpkin carving! Rachel says, “You know what I figure, if I can do laundry, there’s nothing I can’t do.” (The One with the East German Laundry Detergent, Friends, Season 1 Episode 5). This is the kind of confidence and energy we need this fall and (pumpkin) spicing up our wardrobes is the perfect way to do that!

While Rachel is the queen of fashion, another trendy icon is Monica Geller. Not a dress or skirt person? No worries! Monica’s look will suit you better. Monica can ALWAYS be seen in a baggy sweater or sweatshirt with matching pants to pull it all together. Monica would tell us to dress for comfort, especially for activities like cleaning (obviously), fall baking, movie nights with the girls, and cocktail hour with friends! She never failed to pull off this look, making her sense of style simple but cute at the same time. There’s plenty of ways we can incorporate Monica’s style into our wardrobes. All it takes is a comfy oversized sweatshirt of any color or style and pants that go with it. And we can’t forget about the fuzzy socks! Monica’s confidence radiates through her wardrobe and her words, “In your FACE last year me!” (The One With The Late Thanksgiving, Friends, Season 10 Episode 8). Let’s say this to ourselves this year as we begin styling our outfits. 

Feel confident this year! It is your time to shine. These fashion icons will guide you to the ultimate wardrobe allowing confidence and beauty to shine off of you. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of dressing up and some fun fall activities to lighten our moods. Just ask Rachel and Monica! 

Haley LaKind

U Mass Amherst '23

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