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Forget Fake Tan This Winter

As the winter season is approaching, so is the dreaded thought that our summer glow will begin to fade. And with that, the last aspect of summer we have all been desperately holding onto is being washed away for good: our tan. The alternative to losing that bronze glow is notorious fake tan. Whether it is a spray tan or self-tanner, most girls can shamefully admit they’ve used it at least once or twice. And for some, they can confess to spending the cold months doing a reapplication once a week, determined to stay a golden color all year. Every year, the self-tanning season comes along, and every other girl you see has a bright orange face. This winter, I advise you to make your life a lot easier, ditch the smelly self-tanner, and learn to be confident with your natural skin color!

The risks:

Almost every girl who has self tanned can probably think of a time where they completely botched it. They were forced to walk around looking like an Oompa Loompa after applying their tanner too heavily. They’ve hidden their hands in the pockets of their jackets because their hands have been left decorated with orange spots after forgetting to wash them after application. There were streaks, splotches, and unevenness because it’s almost impossible for anyone to apply it flawlessly themselves. They didn’t realize it was raining, and the drizzles of water melted some of the tan off. In all, the risks of a bad tan job are inevitable with self-tanning, so the suggestion here is to avoid them altogether by just throwing the bottle out. 

The work:

I will admit that last year, I did frequently apply my fake tan. I planned to carry my routine to college with me, but it ended up being much harder to keep up with while living in a small room with another person. The whole routine takes a great amount of time: exfoliating and shaving, then stripping down and applying the tan with my mitt. Also, it was tough to find a time that my roommate wasn’t home so that I could apply the tan. It is a whole process, and being away at school made it a lot harder. I decided that all the work was unnecessary and started going without it. I realized it made life easier. 

The damages:

Another issue with bringing the routine to college with me was bringing along all the damages that self-tan inflicts. When you spend a ton of time in your room, it’s pretty hard to get rid of the smell of self-tanner, as it tends to linger around, especially when it is all over your body. The distinct smell of fake tan can float around your crowded dorm room for what seems like weeks! Another thing vulnerable to be ruined by your fake tan is anything white that you own. My towels are still stained a brown tint from the few times I have self tanned since I have been here. Every avid self-tanner can confess to having to throw away their white sheets that have been destroyed by the stains of the tan. Living on your own already makes doing laundry difficult. No college student has time to be washing everything they own after they use self-tanner. Also, if it is a big part of your routine, it will start to drain your wallet. Those bottles of “sunshine” are not cheap and it can be expensive to keep up the routine with having to buy the tanner and the applicant. Save your wallet, sheets, and fresh air by just ditching the stuff.

The effects on your skin:

Your skin also probably does not love self tanner either. If you have sensitive skin, dry skin, or breakout-prone skin, self-tan is definitely not her friend. Putting the tanner on sensitive skin can irritate it even more. Dry, flaky skin will not only get dried out more, but also it will result in a flaky tan. If you’re breaking out, those bumpy pimples can give you a splotchy tan, and the applicant can make your acne even worse. Give your skin a break this winter. Be nice to it by keeping its natural color and letting any blemishes heal on their own by eliminating fake tan. 

Be natural this year.

I will not deny that I do always feel better when my skin is bronzed and golden! As much as I love being tan, I am giving up my religious routine of fake tanning this winter. I think it will be better for my skin. I will not have to worry about botching it. I will not have to deal with the work, the smell, or the stains. What if I want a little color for a special occasion? Bronzer is my new solution. Bronzer does not come with all the work or risks, and it can easily be applied and removed. I want to be comfortable with my natural skin and keep it simple. Be confident with who you are and your natural skin. Embrace the pale skin that winter will bring you, throw out that self-tanner, and be yourself this winter. 

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Jane Krumsiek

U Mass Amherst '23

Jane Krumsiek is a freshman at UMass Amherst studying communication disorders. She loves to spend time with friends and family, run, write and travel!
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