Female Friendships as Described by Grace and Frankie

Female friendships are empowering. Too often, women are conditioned to pit themselves against each other and reinforce misogynistic stereotypes. That is why the absolute girl power these relationships produce are one of a kind, and if any series has encapsulated that, it's the Netflix original, Grace and Frankie. These gal pals are thrown together in less-than-desirable circumstances, but they eventually develop an honest, durable friendship that's got Netflix bingers hooked. Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda show us what having a close girlfriend is all about:

1. Sometimes, you ask for her advice, but if she doesn't tell you exactly what you were thinking, you do the opposite. Then you go to her when things go wrong because you didn't listen to her originally-- but that's okay, because she does the same to you, too. 

2. She's always the first to listen when you list off your weird daily shenanigans, and she responds with jokes sans judgements. She knows that if the tables were turned, you'd be just as accepting and supportive if you accidentally-on-purpose ran into your crush because you were following him. 

3. When you need backup, she'll always be there. It doesn't matter if you deserve it, and it doesn't matter if you need her because you did the opposite of what she advised-- it only matters that you're her ride-or-die, and she's got your back.

4. When you've had a long day and you're 100% done with everyone and everything, she'll let you get it out of your system without patronizing you.

5. When you have a secret, she keeps it forever. You don't have to worry about it slipping out in front of the wrong people.

6. If people that are lucky to even be friends with your gal pal don't meet your high standards, you manage to be supportive while throwing some *minor* shade on the situation. Lovingly, of course. 

7. She's the first person you call when you make other friends or meet new people. Because let's face it, you spend most of your time with each other.

8. Most importantly, she's your person and you'll always be there for each other through it all, no matter what. 

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