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Fall in New England: 3 Places to Visit to Make You Appreciate This Season

Fall in New England sounds like the start of a perfect book or movie. I’m immediately brought to childhood memories: the nostalgia every year when the leaves change is indescribable. Autumn has always been my favorite season. The air gets a little colder, the trees have this innate natural beauty in which they change color, pumpkins are found at every store, Halloween brings excitement and that fear we all crave, and let’s not forget the comforting food! Now, in the midst of all these things that happen during fall, it can trigger our senses to explore and appreciate the season around us. So, that’s probably why you’re reading this. I am here to give you three things to do and places to visit in New England that will have you never wanting winter to start.

The Berkshires

The Berkshires are in the westernmost region of Massachusetts. The scenery is exquisite and the options you have are vast, as there are a variety of different towns and things to do. The Berkshires are known for their breathtaking fall foliage and scenic views that leave you speechless as you drive through the area. One place that I highly recommend is Mass MoCA. This is the museum of contemporary art and is located in North Adams, Mass. This museum and the town it is located in are perfect for a weekend day trip. Be sure to drive along the Mohawk Trail either to or from North Adams. This trail has the most spectacular fall foliage I have ever seen. You will not be disappointed. 

Salem, Massachusetts

Now, I’m not sure if it is my love for Halloween and all things Hocus Pocus, but Salem has always been a place that intrigued me and brought me tons of happiness. The activities in this town and things to do are vast. You will learn and appreciate the history behind this town through the ghost and witch tours. Museums are riddled with history that leaves you appreciating this season even more. Even stop at the Hocus Pocus house, or better known as The Ropes Mansion, if you are craving the movie to become a reality in front of your eyes.

Kent, Connecticut

Did you know that Connecticut has the longest fall foliage season out of every state in New England? This makes it the perfect place to visit, even if it is not until late November! The town of Kent is a charming, quiet, and picturesque place that is filled with things for you to do and see this season. I recommend visiting Kent State Falls Park, the Bull’s Bridge, and the Macedonia Brook State Park. All of these places are perfect to discover the beautiful parts of western Connecticut, but also somehow are able to give you the sense that you have traveled back in time. The history within Kent is everywhere, and you appreciate its lack of modernization. These places are perfect for a chill day where you can explore and experience the beauty of autumn. 

The best part of my year is waking up and realizing that the leaves are starting to get lighter and lighter. I can also say that the worst part of my year is waking up one day and realizing that fall is over. The cold sinks deeper and the trees themselves become barren and frozen. So, I encourage you to appreciate this season while it lasts and is right in front of you. I urge you to seek out adventure within New England and explore these places I recommended. I promise that you will feel a sense of love and admiration for the world around you. 

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