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Don't Let Spring Break Your Wallet- Small Ways to Save Money While Traveling This Spring Break

Traveling is an expensive luxury, there’s no doubt about that. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Seeing as Spring Break is around the corner for a lot of us, many are busy with diets and exercise to get ourselves looking amazing for those beaches and clubs. However, many don’t consider the small expenses that come along with those trips. Obviously, plane tickets, gas money, hotel rentals, etc. all sum up to be the bulk of your expenses; but have you considered ways to try and limit your expenses on those things as well as a few others? If you are one of those people who are wondering how to go about this, this article is for you. Here is a list of a few expenses that can be cut down and save you your well-earned money this Spring Break:

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  1. Booze- if you are of age (obviously), you might be hitting the local hotspots for a drink with friends or a significant other. However, especially if you are going with friends, it might be cheaper to go the BYOB way. Getting drinks, especially at resorts, can add up quickly. Having your own supplies can save you up to $50 a night! Obviously, if someone invites you out for a beer, you should not decline (if you are interested!!!). But if it’s just you and your friends looking for a good time, then maybe opt for your own supply, and then go dancing whenever you are ready.women eating and drinking wine in a restaurant

  2. Meals/Snacks- Eating out is definitely a necessary experience in new places. But doing so for every meal?! First of all, the constant take-out food can very quickly ruin that spring break figure you worked so hard to achieve. Second of all, eating at restaurants gets pretty expensive- especially if you want good quality foods. On top of that, I know that I, personally, get tired of restaurant food quickly, and I’m sure I’m not alone. So, try to bring some of your own food, wherever you are going. Eat breakfast in the room, and try to limit eating at restaurants to once a day max. A trip to a restaurant can set you back $20-$30 per person, and doing so two or three times a day can be a very disheartening experience for your bank account. The Lalabackpack Girl Walking

  3. Transportation- Walk, walk, walk! I cannot stress this enough. Walking is a great way to sight-see, get familiar with your surroundings, find hidden gems, and get some exercise. Your wallet, your environment, and your body will thank you. If the distance is too great, take a bike or the metro. Try to rent a car only if you plan on driving long distances and exploring a whole country or state. If you are planning a road trip, use one car for everyone that is going (if possible). Avoid Ubers and taxis as much as you can- you would be amazed how quickly you will rack up a bill. Becca Tapert

  4. Living Arrangements- try to live with a local friend or a family member, if they are able to host you. You can politely offer to pay for your stay (don’t nag, some people might get insulted). Chances are your family or friends will be happy to see you, and it’s likely you will get a free stay at your destination of choice. An additional benefit is that they will probably know the best local places and attractions, and can help you find them and enjoy the best parts of the city. If you don’t have friends or family where you plan on going, try an AirBNB- especially if you are going as a large group of friends. The larger your group, the more expensive an average hotel/motel will be for you. In an AirBNB, you will likely have more places for people to sleep, as well as a shower, a kitchen, and maybe even a washing machine if you get lucky. That way, you can cook and clean for yourself, and only pay about half the price for the apartment as you would for hotel rooms for everyone.person holding money

  5. Tickets- this is probably old news to veteran concert goers and frequent fliers, but the earlier you buy tickets to some events the cheaper they will be. This applies to plane tickets, concert tickets, sometimes tours and exhibitions, shows, carnivals, etc. So, if you plan your trip way ahead (which you should, it’s good practice), you can buy the tickets to those events for cheaper than, say, a week beforehand. Also, oftentimes there are discounts for students or larger groups, and some websites can sell you tickets for concerts or price hotel rooms for cheaper than others. Do your research before buying anything, and be sure to keep the confirmation email or receipt! 


So, this was it! I hope that these few tips and tricks have been helpful to those of you who have not traveled alone before, or are planning a bigger trip than usual. I have traveled quite a bit, whether it be by myself, with friends, or with my family, and picked up a lot of this information from my parents and friends. I strongly encourage you to ask the experienced adults in your life for help and advice. They probably know a few things about travel as well, and they can lend a hand in terms of savings and smart choices. I wish everyone a relaxing time, and enjoy your Spring Breaks! I hope your wallets will hurt a little less afterwards! Sky Ocean Palm Trees Rainbow Nature Vacation