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It was 1948, the year the instant camera was invented. Selling out in minutes, this instant camera was spitting out self developing film to capture the beautiful moments of everyday life. Whether it was the original instant camera or the modern, multi-colored version that is sold in your nearby Target, the ability to point, shoot, snap and keep has kept people in love with polaroid cameras and the beauty they develop. While instant cameras are seen as things of the past, millennials have shown deep interest in instant photography and have made it a staple of the times. Itching for ways to develop instant photos, people have turned to modern polaroids that range from $70.00 to $100.00 plus the cost of the refillable film. What if you could have the results of an instant camera without the cost of purchasing a camera and film? It’s easy, you can.

Internet Star, David Dobrik, has launched an app called David’s Disposable which allows you to take polaroid like pictures without the cost of purchasing the camera and film that are usually required. The app works just like an instant camera, by transforming your phone into the old time camera that captures every moment you desire. The camera is transformed into the back of the disposable camera, eliminating you from taking any selfies (just like the old times!). The camera provides its own disposable themed filter, but rather than getting the instant photos that modern technology has given us, there is a waiting period. There is nothing like waking up in the morning to an album of freshly developed photos of all your family and friends.

This past weekend, a group of my friends and I decided to spice up our weekend and plan a party with the girls and guys across the hall. We dressed in nice dresses, while the boys wore sport coats and had a fancy evening to wipe away the blues of boredom that COVID has brought. While the dresses, shoes and sports coats were necessary, what brought the night together was David’s Disposable. Being millennials, we always have our phones on hand. Whether they are on a table, in our pockets or physically in our hands we don’t leave home without them. That gives us the ability to walk around the party and capture whatever moment we desire. Another great thing about the app is that since it is technology based, the number of photos we can take is infinite. We never run out of film and could take pictures all night if that is what we set our hearts on. What I most love about David’s Disposable is how every image captured isn’t sifted through, edited or deleted. People have the tendency to sift through photos, picking out the ones they don’t like and discarding them. By seeing images of yourself you don’t like, it can often cause severe mood changes and cause people to not enjoy the moment they are experiencing. Because the app does not allow you to see the images in the moment, people smile, laugh and pose for pictures and don’t care how they come out. 

David’s Disposable is an app that not only makes you feel nostalgic, but makes taking pictures fun and enjoyable. By not seeing the photos in the moment, it allows you to enjoy the time you are experiencing rather than spending time nitpicking your physical traits and the quality of the image. This is a limitless, portable camera that can be taken anywhere to capture anything. If you are looking to feel the nostalgia of our parent’s time and create an aesthetic of the past, this app is for you.

polaroid pictures of friends
Original photo by Emily Nelissen

Kayla Grosso

U Mass Amherst '23

Kayla is a freshman at Umass Amherst in the Pre-Veterinary program. She loves to workout, spend time with friends and is obsessed with matcha!
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